Thursday, February 19, 2009

My 31st birthday

I'm officially 31 years old at 12am on Feb 6th 2009... I'm so thankful to Allah for I have been blessed with a wonderful plusss understanding husband & cutest baby,lovely parents & siblings& nieces/nephews and also great family-in law..last but not least 'syukur' for my good income and of cozz for the fabolous journey of my beautiful life that i have right now... Alhamdulillah....
received email from Bee Choo represent GSC management wishing me birthday..

Happy birthday for today,
You’re kind and clever we must say.
With moments worth a million hugs,
Talks, with coffee in those mugs.
Your heart and values seem so right,

We share our views without a fight.
Our memories live with eyes so true,
Adventures grow in a life’s canoe.
We wish you more than words can say,

That you will never, cease to play.
Happy birthday for today,We’r here for you, on this special day.

btw, no befday cake on 6th :(
however, on 7th, a day after my befday, papa took Hanisah & ummi out for a dinner treat @ Bay View Hotel revolving restaurant .
quite impressive.the foods also sedap.. yummyyy..!!

tp kesian Hanisah,,nmpak die mcm pening2 cos restaurant tu spinning for 360 dgree. dah name pon revolving rstaurant,,hmm..
Alahai sian good girl ummi. tp atceli,bukan Hanisah je pening,, ummi pon pening tau cume mantain je,,kih..kih..kihhhhh..

thanks to hubby for the such wonderful dinner that night.. muahhhhzzzzz.
Love u & Hanisah soo much. :)

o d way to penang island; by ferry

@ Bay View Hotel revolving restaurant .

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