Monday, April 26, 2010

Me,frens & foods

had lunch with my opismates las week at bee fen's restaurant..I certainly enjoyed eating & chatting with them esp with aida,, lame sgt x duduk bborak so bnyak2la topic sembang..huhuu.. Hmm,, walking down memory lane when both of us wr not married yet,, we used to hang out few places.. paling xleh lupe, during ramadhan coincidently kami 2 x pose, so we bought wafers & makan dlm cinema (if not mistaken the movie was Doom)..skali t'cekik sbb xdak air,,heheee...

talking bout the foods,, ok all nice.i tell u bnyak tau kami 3 order smpai last2 kene tapau my sandwich,hehe...i enjoyed eating (and i'm sure both of them enjoyed too) while listening to the Hitz songs played in the oke!!

-mouth watering tomyam,, syruppppp-

-frens & foods :)-

Insyaallah nx time we hang out somewhere else for makan2...tnggu mak labu ngidam nk mkn ape pulak,,hahaksss..

to aida,,smoge selamat with this 2nd baby..Aminn..
and also thx 4 everything..appreciate that!! :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hepi 2nd befday to irdina.

Hanisah & i had fun today, as both of us with Eila and her son irfan went to our opismate, Nuli's house, celebrating his dotter's befday..
Irdina turns 2 on 16th. We gathered at nuli & jerry's house around 5pm and the befday girl plus the befday boy Hakim started to blow the cake around 530pm..

i do think that all the guests hv been enjoying the foods & the cakes as well :) yummy esp the lontong plus sambal bilis..i likee!! Btw i was not only enjoying the meals,, but the other things of cosss.. Chit chat with kaum ibu and the most important things is hv the chance to bring hanisah to crowds after what she had been through the day before.. she was not really active at nuli's house..i know she's still not really 100% recover yet.. sigh~ tp pepon kire okla compare the day before.. hari b4 tu nak pakai baju pon jenuh pujuk..huhuuu..


-kaum ibu-

-tiup jgn x tiup lilin-

-hanisah pon tringin nak potong kek..see her lips dah jadik merah,huhu.-

btw thx to jerry & nuli for the invitation... to the befday girl irdina,,smoga jadik anak yg solehah & diredhai dunia akhirat,amin..

p/s: for hanisah's beday, i hv been thinking of celebrating her befday bash with mr bear a&w or ronald mc donald .. ;p tp pepon see the badget and condition *wink*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Petang @ Kecemasan

It was totally my mistake and i admit it.. i just let hanisah play at the edge of the bed and then i went to hav a nap.. and suddenly she fell down from the bed.. mcm nak gugur jantung when i saw her lay down on the floor with a 'bang' sound.. aduhhhh...

atceli tis is not her 1st time fell from the bed..dulu2 ok jek. but tis time her left hand has been shaking for long time till she slept.. then when she woke up, same thing happen.. so no choice i hv to bring her to the clinic on my own (hubby xde umah ptg tu). but then the doctor said need to go to kecemasan to do x-ray..huhuhuu

so there we went to kecemasan..on the way to kecemasan hubby called me and i told him that doctor advised me to bring hanisah to kecemasan for x-ray.. nasib bek hubby just finished her bisnes outside so he went to hospital separately to accompany me..

btw, we dun really like the indian doctor who entertained us..okla our mistake bcos this is our 1st we were not sure which pintu to go thru.when the announcer said pintu hijau,we just went in to the 1st pintu hijau we saw.. we were wrong but it doesnt mean that the doctor can simply use sarsactic words to us.. sorry to say but we are not really familiar with gomeng hospital.. i delivered my baby at private and hanisah's monthly check up & injection hv been done at private as well.. the private doc who entertained us were sooo nice.. we paid oke.. but as i said, doesnt mean that particular doctor can just simple be sarcastic... hmmm... anyhow i jus dun think 'krane nila stitik rosak susu belanga'.. bcos i satisfied with others. the emergency personnels, the person who in charge for hanisah's x-ray and 2 young female doctors entertained us so nicely & profesionally.. tenkiu for that!!!

oh yaa,,during x-ray hubby wasnt there bcos he went to surau for prayer...i was expecting hanisah would be sooo creepy but i was wong.. die mcm sronok jek mase kene x-ray. i think mybe bcos she was so curious with those unfamiliar stuffs,,hehee...

pepon, Alhamdulilah the x-ray result shows no such severe things happen.. no crack & no broken.. just t'kehel and it takes time to back to normal..
sy anggap ini adalah dugaan drpNya... Subhanaallah..

Friday, April 16, 2010

My 1 yr & 9 mths little girl

Tis is Khalisa Damia..just turned 2 months.. comei & bulat,,fotostat her abah,hehe..

Khalisa : Today my mom is soooo ciwi. she bought me this stroller and cant wait to put me in it.. and i like to sit in this new stuff..i like oke...!!

ade 2 penyibuk nak tolak stroller Khalisa..hahakss...

well, hanisah is oledy 1 yr & 9 mths...another couple of months to turn to time flies...
now makin bijak..everytime when i wanna make milk for her..the time i count the spoon of the milk 1, then she will continue two,three (three pronoun like Tee)..kalu mood baik, she will continue till 4.. same goes to A,B,C..
now she can make 2 ayat like 'mai sini', 'jatuh ni'.. and the best part is,, if anything fall or if she spill any lubricant, then she would say "Allah..".. ishh mcm org tue laa,,huhuuu..

sometime i did lose my temper to this kid.. but pepon tetap syg kat anak ummi nih..
this afternon i brought her to KHTP to settle some bisnes.. then just after went out from the bank, she ran from me and got inside the booth.. i was quite late to stop her from turning into the booth..then suddenly the sound of her footsteps gone.. bout few mins i lost her..seriesly mmg paniccc sgt... dah b'debar2 dah. then i asked 1 salesgirl who was sitting with 1 chinese lady "ade x nmpak budak kt sini".. she replied nope.. lagila panic.. nasib bek both of them helped me looking for her.. and skali akak tu yell "ni tgh sembunyi kat sini".. sabo jelaaaa... rupe2nye she was hiding somewhere under the cloths.. she was hiding from me okes..sabo jeklaaa..

-her leisure time-

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The beautiful baby Hazim

Las sunday my fren Ina has just delivered the beautiful baby boy.
this is her 2nd kid.. the first one is Sasha, hanisah's fren.. bestnye, dah spasang, 1 boy & 1 girl ;)
-baby hazim-

-my hanisah-

-tis is afiq, anak baby sitter hanisah-

-afiq ramai peminat tuh!!-

-and tis is sasha.. she was a bit unhappy/moody on that day.
i guess maybe due to the feeling that from the day onwards she need to share everything with her little brother.. -

p/s: dreaming to hv a boy.. Insyaallah :)

Parcel from cik ja

I took EL on last thursday bcos hanisah was having fever, cough, flu..nasib bek x terok sgt but i decided to take on leave to tk care of her rather than just pass & rely on babysitter when she's sick....

btw around 11am, when we both at home, heard hon-hon from somebody's motorbike.. and that guy is from Skynet.. :)

Look what the Skynet folk brought for me!! and guess whose hand is that??,hehe

-hanisah was thinking that the parcel belongs to her.. but she was partially correct.. bcos cik ja gave her sovenirs from perhentian island..

Well, the package was posted from my sis atcually who stayed in Trganu..
she used to travel and she knows pretty well bout my hobby in collecting FMs..
She had bought me the fms when she went for holiday trip in vietnam & perhentian island..also she passed me the one who she got from her fren,, fm brunei tu.. i like all!!!

Sukee sgt. Thank you so much sis..Jasamu ku kenang! ahakssss!!

-close up.. i really like the tut-tut from Thailand & also the brunei(1st time dpt dr brunei)

Collection # : 63-70
Who : cik ja
Where : Brunei 1, Thailand 1,Vietnam 3 & prhentian island 3
psst, hv been waiting for fm from sazrul. he went to shanghai for bisnes trip.. ;p

Saturday, April 3, 2010

And the award goes to...

Goes to me okesss!!

thanks to Ummi Nor for such 'beautiful' award..muah muahh..

it's my 1st time get this kind of award.. atceli i dun really bother bout tis such thing..,but bile dpt mcm bestla plakk :)

so rules bagi penerima award :

1. Thank and link the person that give you this award2. Done

2. State 7 things about yourself

1) i'm a simple person..and really ruled by my mood.

and 1 more thing is i'm kind of person yg sometime somehow holding grudge with certain people.. hmm when talking bout grudge, las time i do hv grudge with somebody who provoked and put a very untrue story bout me..pompang-pompang bnyak sgt.. opss fullstop.malas nk ungkit. in fact i try to be a person who's not holding grudge and just redha with what happen.enough is enough!! thx for frens yg support me..
lagipun as the time goes by,Alhamdulillah skrg i hv been improving..

2) Do i look snobbish?? hmm i think people who dun know me would say that i'm sombong.this has been admitted by my neighbors as well.. tp bila dah kenal no pblem. the thing is, i dun like to be 'mesra alam' at the 1st place..ahaksss but btw don't judge a book by its cover okesss..

3) Certain things i go to branded things such as bag, jeans,watch & wallet. but most of things esp like my cloths, i dun bother bout branded or unbranded one. baju siam pun sy belasahh jekk..

4) I love Vios. tringin nak beli but end up i use Satria & hv been driving it for almost 8 yrs oledy.. but kalu ade rzeki lebih nak beli 4 wheel drivelaaa. mcm best jek drive sbb tinggi & besar. but the pblem is i'm not really master in parking the car ~sigh~

5) there are still few thing in my mind that i wish i could do.. x surela ade anak kecik & family susah skit la nk commit.. tringin nak travel few places cos i love travel..i wish 1 day will daki gunong kinabalu,, tringin ambik kelas renang, tringin join kelas cupcakes and las but not least, i really wish to further study either in psikologi or english TESL. i love english and wanna improve my english..

6) Hubby said he wants 6 kids and kalu lebih lg baguss.., but i want 4.. Insyaallah kalu ade rzeki,target nak peknen by tis year.kalu dpt boy lg best,,bg sepasang.. :)

7) las bout me, i wish 1 day i will resign from my current work and be a house wife.. atceli not really fully house wife.. i wish to help my hubby in his bisnes..Insyaallah..but of cos not now..expecting mybe another next-next yr.. ;p kalu ingat, syg nak resign cos i feel comfortable with my work, my salary, my opismates, and few activities that i involve and really enjoy so muchh!! pepon family comes first..huhuuu

Last rules, kena bagi award ni pada 15 org blogger yg lain, ...hmm,, cam malas nak kasik kat sesape aci x..but the rule is rule,,ahaksss..

i wanna giv to blog yg i frequent visit. but tis is not cumpolsory okess. if u free u do it. no harm :D

Aida: Eyedalicious
Azie ; azie dh dpt ke tis tag before?
Faridah ; mabuk2 lagi keeee...

Maria ; but u also that dpt tis tag,rite..

who else.. sape2 jelaaaa..teeheee

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Al-fatihah to them..

Smlam rs sedih sgt, cos my neighbor's brother passed away due to motor accident.. wpon sy x kenai & even never meet allaharyam,, tetap rs sedih..sbb beliau dgr2 nak berubah..nk berusaha carik rzeki tolg fmily.
sbelom ni adela few keaiban yg dibuat dan dicalit kt family. tp recently he wanted to change..
as the first step, die intend nak jual pisang goreng.. bangsal pon dh siap bina,tnggu nak jalan bisnes jek..
tengok2 ajal dah menjemput..Innalillah...
Alfatihah utk beliau.,

juge Alfatihah for Din beramboi.. i 'm gonna miss his jokes @ ERA..

i love 1 sentense which i heard at Astro oasis.. "hey orang mude, jgn sangka kamu mati tua.."

reminds me to handful of my frens who no longer in this world.. when i was in form 4, adela sorg member sebelah bilik got inside my room to meet my roomate.. i just had a glance to her face and after that i went out from room.. that time she was preparing to the lata tembakah trip. and know what, that was the last time i saw & meet her. allayarhamah Yati meninggal mati lemas kat lata tembakah..
sbelom die meninggal, bnyak kali die duk citer psl sakaratul maut,mungkar nakir etc.. but since she was one of AJK masjid, so we were thinking that that was normal for such people yg biase bagi usrah..

1 more fren yg sgt kuat dlm ingatan until now,, Allaharyam Azlina.. we were not really close but normally if i met her msti tegur.. the last time met her was the time ambik spm result.. after that i heard that she involved in car accident with her boyfren. and in news had mentioned that,, die t'kluar dr krete then krete hempap die..

Alfatihah to them..
mase kite entah bile pulak,,hmm...
pepon setiap bende yg hidup pasti akan menempuh kematian..that is certain..