Thursday, February 25, 2010

Potluck session @ Opis.. Yay!

We have a makan2 activity or so called a potluck session las wk; under our manager's team ..Atcually we have planned this Potluck before CNY, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, need to extand it to 27th Feb.

for my part, i brought my puding.. well, suppose to bring puding permata (which recipe of tis puding given by my fren wanie).. but ntahla,, instead of puding permata, jadik puding permata yg hilang,ahaksss.. i was attempting to do tis puding about 1am..then around 2 am i noticed the puding xnak keras.. so what i did , i put it into fridge with great expectation that everythng be ok in the morning.. around 6 am something i woke up and 1st thing 1st i checked out the puding..hmmm,, **sigh**

cut the crap..!! after sending hanisah to babysitter,, i was rushing to shop, got the stuffs for the 2nd round and during lunch i managed to hv my puding coktail.. nsib bek 2nd round jadik... heheee..

-well back for tis potluck,, i think everyone including me enjoyed tis makan2.. seriesly best.. it 's the time to gather.. laughing, joking,chating etc.. plus variety of foods being served.. ;p-

-my teammates; watie da organizer, adnin mommy to be,
sujana da smiley & me of coss-

-Mouthwatering dishes.!! we have satay, capati, Macaroni Baked Cheese ,sheperd pie, puding coktail,murtabak & rojak buah and also da drinks.. oh yaaa,,tis is our sponsor for this makan2.. tenkiu zohri..smoga makin murah rzeki dlm bisnes :))-

-eat until full!!!-

hv been waiting for next makan2 after this..most probably somewhere in march,, for feb & march befday celebration.. ehem-ehemmm :))

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bowling and Karaoke

we went to bowling center @ giant around 2pm..
1st bowl, i managed to get strikes.. yeahh!!! da 1st frame wasnt bad at all..
but da 2nd frame.. ish2,,malu laaa.. rase mcm nak withdraw from this tonement,aci x,,hik2x... in fact i did ask amir to withdrawf myself from this game but he just laugh & shake his head,huhu :(

after playing bowling, we went into karaoke room..heyy since when giant got karaoke ekk,,?? huhuuu..layan jelaaa..atceli i dun want to join as i wasnt eager at all to do so..but since hubby insist,so tpakse gakla layan. we took 4 songss.
the 1st song, i hv choosen 'the day u went away' by m2m.. this is a very nice jadik x sedap biler den yg nyanyi,,hihihii..xpe hentam jelaaa.. bak kate my old fren rahman,, "kite ni geng yg mmg xleh carik mkn dgn nyanyi daaaa".. ;p
then when came hubby's turn to sing, he hv chosen a malay song.. hmm i forgot the title.. but honestly, i really impressed with his voice.. seriesly x sgka he can sing with high note & really his voice attract my heart soooo muchh.. :)) well, as far as i'm concern, the 1st time we went in the karaoke was somewhere in 2004. sgtla dh lame and that time i didnt ever bother of him.. there were 4 of us that time. and 1 more fact, that time he couple with my friend and i couple with his besfren/housemate...huhuhuu.
oh yaaa forgot bout our b4 she has been enjoying running there & there around the bowling centre.and as usual, we hv to take turn to take care of her. when came into the karaoke session, she looked so boredd.. mybe she could think "apelaaa ummi & papa masuk bilik gelap siap melalak lagi nih!".. and she slept by the time both of us duet lagu "sandarkan pade kenangan", ,, ahaksss..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shopping daze @ Gergasi part 4 *no bowling*

well, on sturday i was planning to play bowling.. but hubby has his owns plan,which was fishing.. imagine dlm kul 5 am i went home from office (keje shift mlm) and he wasnt at home.. rupe2nye aroud 4am die kuar p jala umpan ngan Wan.. huhu sabo jekk..! he asked me to join him,,but hmm..i cant even hold the rod for 5min ok.. i can lay down and reading book for hours but not holding the fishing rod and wait for fish to eat the bait,, ahakssss..
so since he went for fishing trip, so i took hanisah to "gergasi'.. shopping da groceries..

My little hanisah.. as usual she is so behaved when both of us outing somewhere.. She is active of cos.. as always, but seriesly i dun face any trouble at all everytime I drive all alone with her..

she'll sit in the car seat and even she knows pretty well that it is a must to sit in the car seat & wear the belt when her mommy's driving.. I think she has been enjoying the ride , watching outside and talk by using her own language..Normally she'll point her finger to something outside the window.. and her favorite thing is of cos bird..clearly she told me that it 's a bird..kkdg smpai t'kluar air liur bile sebut bird, ahaksss.. and 1 more thing, everytime she hears dog barking, she will say dog but the the sounds normally sound like 'dag'. pelat O, ;p

does anyone hear or know bout Noddy (this character originally from Enid Blyton).. ohh i love Enid Blyton's adventure/mysterious/famous 5 etc so much!!
btw back to Noddy, i love to hear further bout this children educational system which using Noddy as main character.. anyone who go to giant can see tis direct selling group somewhere near the escalator..
in case sesape has experience with Noddy b4,pls kindly share :))

oh yaaa,, hanisah & i entered the Bookstore in giant.. and really hepi to get tis novel "the lovely bones". as mentioned b4, i'm very keen to read the book before watching the movie.. so mmg suke sgt jumpe..i thought can't get tis book..rupe2nye t'corok kat rak paling bawah..
btw already finished the chapter 1 of this book.. seriesly sedih sgt..huhu.. cant imaginehow the girl has been raped & killed brutally.. and about 3 days after her missing,, her fren's dog found her elbow & took it to her parents..
the girl, susie (already in heaven) can see how her mother's pale face became more pale... ish ishh sedih..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Coolababy CDs for her

After reading & surveying about CD esp the advantages of using it, finally i made decision to buy it.. for starting, i bought 2 from online.. nowadays there are bunch of brands/types of CD till i couldnt decide which one to buy first. to be on the safe side, i just bought 2 with the advise from the tokeh CD,hehe... Coolababy 1 velcro & 1 button (come with 2 inserts each).

Of cos there are few advantages of using the CD. kalu ikutkan bukannye rajin sgt nk cuci CD nih,ahaksss..but the main reason i want to try tis out b'cos of the fact that the DD (disposable diaper) contains chemicals like dioxin, sodium polyacrylate & TRIBUTYL TIN (TBT) as well.. those chemicals not good (of cos) & can cause cancer..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holiday @ Bukit Merah Lake town resort

my 1st time to bkit merah after 10 yrs been in Kulim..
we stayed there for 2days & 1 nite. indeed it's not enough to explore everything at Bkt merah. as da matter of fact we miss few interesting places like the org utan island & parrot show etc.. ~sigh~

btw kami konvoi dlm 5 krete... i love this kind of holiday whereby we be in 1 big group with many women, men & kids surronding sgtla meriahh!
yg lg best, hubby sponsored all the hotel rooms for the 5 families.. sound poyo jek kan,ahakss..
atceli hubby bought 1 apartment there since few yrs back (sharing with his bro)..and giv to the hotel management to rent it.. in return, hubby got some cash i think..and also several vouchers to stay free at hotel.. so he used those vouchers to get 5 rooms for 5 kire dh jimatla..kalu x,, mau teguk air liur gakk,,cos the rate is sooo expensive due to festive season ni..
As usual,, lets the pics narrate..

-mase baru smpai.. dak kecik nih is soooo jakun with the fountain..-

-she even step on the water.. basahla kasut,huhuu-

-in her swimming suit-

quality time of daddy & dotter

quality time of mommy & dotter

with her new frens

-well,, atceli bukan nak naik pon slide nih.. but i told myself,,bile lg nak naik & biler lagi nk challenge dirik sndiri..ahaksss..mase naik, i told to the guard that i just want to watch from here.. than he said 'ala xde apela..biase jek nih"

skali mase duk atas pelampung,i told him pls on hold first.. i still need to rethink either i want to proceed or cancel it..after few sec mybe mamat tu dah malas nk compromise..die trus tolak..waaa memg nyesal la main..still remember how my heart beat and how shaking i was even after 10 min. and after main then only i noticed that there were 3 men were smiling & laughing at me.. cessss!!-

-i really enjoyed tis giant bubble.
but the Q to play is longer than the time to play it-

-as usual, i wont miss this part.. i seriesly enjoy choosing & buying the FMs.. semue cute2.. and also i bought the pewter FM.. and guess what..the price of 1 pewter FM is equivalent with these 4 FMs ,huhuuu..
oh yaaa,, hubby asked me to put all these FMs at the back of our fridge.. perli la tuh..ahakss

Collection # : #54-58
Where : Bukit lake town resort..
When : Feb 2010 ( CNY holiday)

oh yaa,, atceli we wr planning to extend another 1 more night there. lgipon voucher bnyak lagi..but pk2 malasla..
lucky we didnt procced to extend our holiday. bout 2 hrs after arriving home, suddenly tangki air umah bocor. it was like heavy raining at the kitchen.. and worse part was,, makin lame makin bnyak tmpat bocor..imagine if it happened during our absence. hmmm..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Demam Bowling part 2

Played bowling at Giant..
tis time we got the lane (booking 1 day b4)..
btw see how our little girl behaves herself.. till the staff came and advice that kid can not run like tis.. bahaya..huhuu..

-and see hubby's face..penat layan anak dare,hehee-

-all the time we hv to take turn to hold hanisah..sorg main and sorg kena pgg..
kalu x, ade yg blari kat lane lagik-

-btw hubby taught me the correct technique to bowl..but the practical of cos is not as easy as theory,hmm-
the 1st round i got 2 spares & few times masuk longkang.. 2nd frame sligly improve.. 2 spares & 1 strike and also few times longkang,,ahaksss..-

p/s: semangat nk main bowling nih,,cos 1 team ngan amir aka udeng,,ahakssssss.. last 4 yrs we were in 1 team and managed to get runner up!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starbuck vs. coffeabean

Last monday nite we went to Starbuck.. hubby need to meet his brother there..something to do with the company profile and few other stuffs...

oh yaaaa,,since i really ban Starbuck (due to my sensitivity as Muslim ) i really dont want to buy the fact i love coffeabean rather than anything else..

so hubby hv to drop me at CB then lps tu baru kami p lepak kat starbuck,:))

-as usual, i lovee mocha ice blended!!-

-the twins set up their lappy-

-our hanisah-

-sempat lg b'dating-

since hubby bz with adik, and they hv to stick in front of their lappy for hours, so no choice i hv to jalan2 with hanisah (atceli mcm menyesal pon ade ikut.,hehehhh)

so both of us went to Juru da park ,just walking distance dgn starbuck..

got few booths there but most of them selling chinese folks stuffs.... huhuuu..yg x sesuai nak dibeli..but it's ok.. we just window shopping..
btw,, we went to shoe shop.. and b4 hold any shoe, i asked the salesgirl to confirm that the shoe is not made of pig skin.and she said not. "smue kulit biase aje,,. " okelaaa..

skali tgh duk belek2,, t'pgg la 1 sandal.. tp bile tgok betul2 astaga ade 3 dots.. so i asked that lady again.. but that chinese salesgirl still insist that they not selling pig skin.. skali die call her boss.. and guess what...the boss is malay lady.. i said this 3 dots is pig skin. and that boss said, "not necessary that 3 dots mean pig skin.and in fact, we are not selling shoe made of pig skin cos it is more expnsive"..

hmmm,, since her words couldnt convince me,,so dgn tangan kanan dh t'pegang pig skin tadi,, i carried hanisah using my left hand.. Alhamdulillah area situ jenis btanah.. carik pnye carik then i found the ape lg,,b'samak la dlm gelapp,huhuu.. siap ngan hanisah skali ku samakk..

tis is a huge experience.. dulu penah t'kena kat queensbay.. time tu tgh peknen kt hanisah.. tis time dlm b'jage2 t'kena lg skali... if go to any local shoe shop, need to be very triple careful.. btw i really regret with that lady.. she's not even sensitive with the pig skin..either she knows but she takes it for granted or she's really ignorant.. :(
-the skin that i found at that shop is most likely like tis..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eagle Eye

Finally hubby & i managed to sit down & watching this movie..
very interesting movie & i loveit!!
plus i really in love Michelle from Heartbreak kid..
and so-so to Shia,, the hero from movie Transformer & Disturbia..

Jerry Shaw is an amiable slacker with an over-achieving twin brother. After his twin dies in an accident, strange things happen to Jerry at a dizzying pace: a fortune shows up in his bank account, weapons are delivered to his flat, and a voice on his cell phone tells him the police are on their way. Jerry follows the voice's instructions, and soon he and a woman he's never met are racing through the city, on to a plane, and eventually to the Pentagon, chased by the FBI. She is Rachel Holloman, a single mom; the voice has threatened her son's death if she doesn't cooperate. The voice seems to know everything. Who is behind it, what is being planned, and why Jerry and Rachel?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Demam Bowling

My fren Amir persuates me to join playing bowling in bowling tournement. i was deciding not to play bcos i will be bringing takut die kaco..furthermore hubby lak at same day has bdminton tournement. but since Amir really persuates me 'gile2',,so t'uja la jgk,ahakss... in fact hubby willing to teach me the correct technique of playing bowling..
memang sy x reti main tauuuu!!!

so we went to Kulim Landmark Central - Giant last weekend, but that time ade tournement la plakk.. so xpdtla nk main cos lane full. btw, we met nurul, our ex-neighbour there ..
she appreciates us very much cos we hv helped her getting a job at fuji. atceli x tolg sgtpon,,just hubby tolg submit resume and also i advised her how much expected salary suppose to be written in resume since she's a diploma holder.. tu jekk :)

-lane full.. frust laaa-

-hubby, hanisah & nurul-


-my reluctant model during shopping time-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hepi befday to me!!

I'm officially 32 years old on Feb 6th 2010... age is just a number okess (nak sedapkan ati sndiri),ahaksss..
Once again,, I'm so thankful to Allah for have been blessed with a wonderful and understanding husband & cutest little Hanisah.. syukur sgt2.. plus the lovely parents & siblings & nieces/nephews and also great family-in laws (in fact i really close with all my family in laws).. last but not least 'syukur' for my good income and of cozz for the fabolous journey of my beautiful life that i have right now... Alhamdulillah....oh yaaa 1 more thing,, also syukur for the increament that i received from Management 1 day before my befday.. i consider it as my befday gift and also rezeki hanisah :))

oh that day, hubby bwk me & hanisah to Rasa sayang hotel,png.. we were having a great ala carte dinner there :)) let those pics help me to narrate..

-on da way to penang island-

-tadaaaa,,our driver for that day..see her left hand,,
steady jekk kat gear,ahaksss..-

@Rasa sayang resort ; papa & dotter

-mommy & dotter-

-befday girl ;p-

-our little hanisah buat peel-

-while waiting for our ordered meals-

-the beautiful sunset-

-enjoying her drink-

-my Tandoori king prawn-

-Hubby's Tandoori lambchop-

-nyamm nyammm ;p-

guess what.. this is the sweetest part..
tgh2 syok makan,, suddenly 5 men came from behind... 1 of them holding this cake and all of them singing "happy befday Mrs Azran". yg lawak tu, siap security guard pon join the crowds..ahakss..
and the fact is, they asked me to make a wish b4 blow the candle..
It was soooo sweet okesss..i love tis suprise!!!
and the korean couple at next table also singing & clapping hands for me..:))
tenkiuu hubby for tis lovely suprise :0 -

in fact the waiter said unfortunately the band jus gone around 9pm..
alaa x pyhla smpai bwk band nyanyi..
malu den,hehe..
-the taste of this cake was so nice..even the other meals also taste good

-i love this family pic!!-

i really enjoyed the dinner.. tenkiu so much hubby for this dinner treat..
Insyaallah next month my turn okk ;p