Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekday @ JJ

i brought my little hanisah to LHDN, to submit all the 2009 receipts (lucky i keep them!). on da way tu suddenly the aircond was mulfunction.fuhhh it was about 12pm that time and of cos so hot..peluh menitik2.. pepon Alhamdullilah my dotter was so behave..she was jus smile to me even i could see her face became red & swollen.. on da way i was pulling over my car..and thinking of come to LHDN next time..but kalu delay i afraid of miss the due date of submitting those receipts..last2 blasah jgkla..sabo jela..

well all the books/magazines,computer & other receipts hv been submitted.and i really hope that they will refund my money,hmmm..
we dropped by at JJ perda..and lucky that i brought her spare baju & smpai2 JJ,1st thing 1st was, went to toilet & gave shower to hanisah..hahakssss... :P sronokla die..

oh ya i just know & notice that,, plastic bag would not been provided when we shopping on monday,tuesday & wednesday, bring your own or pay 20cent if u want it standardize for all shopping complex?? lucky the day was thursday so we were entitled to get the plastic bag :))

p/s: wanna take a break,run out of kulim and have a peace fact school holiday is jus around da corner :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creative Blogger Award

Am i creative & eiligible for this such award???? x kisahla,yg pnting dah dpt..yeyeyeye!!!
it's my 2nd award. no tag attach with tis okela...hahaksss...

btw thanks to my fren Azie for tis award..muahzz!!
now to giv tis award to my frens,,and those creative ones??

hmm... well basically for me,everyone has their own idea or creativities in order to present how & what they are, esp in blogging for me creative is such a subjective thing..

pepon,,i wanna giv this creative award to dik yam, watie aziz, maria & UmmiNor .
kindly pls take the award, okesss :)))
dan of cos for those yg sudi menjenguk blog sy..pon leh ambik award ni :)))
anda dialu2kan ke blog sy..sometime i do notice that the number of visitors is tremendously's normal that we do blog-walking job..dun treat people who do blog walking or be silent reader to our blog as 'xde keje' or 'penyibuk'atau any harsh word..haikk..
in this case i really respect 1 of my fren blogger, mummy of genius Rania Qarissa Rizal & Rania Quzayra Rizal.. i can see she's so nice & really respect her readers..
simple as kacang ,dun enter and provoke..
till then..muahz
p/s: las time i found 1 blog thru nuffnang..the fellow story that she date & bonceng with her ex boyfren and bla3.. i was thinking of giving comment to her blog,,but then i notice the words that she describe about herself in her harsh & sarcastic.. so cancella..ignore such fellow is the best deed,hehe..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Zahra

Tis baby is damnn sooooo mase kami smpai mjlis bacaan yassin, maharban, berendoi etc dah habis..and budak kecik ni pon dah botak,b'bogel.siap lena dahhh..hehee...comey kannn.. ni yg buat den tringin nk tmbah lagi nih,,furthermore my hanisah is almost 2 yrs old now ..hahakssss!!

-Baby nurul ain zahra-

and tis is baby zahra's auntie :)) my ex-opismate and now lecturer at usm..btw u really put on weightlahhh,, almaklum hepi-mepii..heheee..

Alhamdulillahh..i'm hepy for u :))..

-hanisah & ummi-

sooo good to hv frens & sister who know how damn crazy i am in collecting FM..and liza is 1 of them.. i tot dpt 1 jekk..rupe2nye den dpt 3!! 2 from thailand & 1 from cameron.. tenkiuuu!!

and now my fms dah btambah jadik 74 pcs.. mueheheee...

Next order, will be ordering few FMs from Amir aka udeng..since he gonna be in bisnes trip to Munice & Brussels..yeahhhh!!!

1Malaysia lunch

Nisha took us out for a nice & 'dutch' lunch at Pizza hut..nothing particular but then can we consider it as what so-called farewell party for nisha,hmmm?? since she will be leaving us soon,huhuuu..

Btw this lunch also can be more a 1Malaysia lunch..hahaa! A mix of various races !!

-4 of us with 4 races. And nisha representing chinese as well...
the variety of beautiful races :)
- There's sujana & simran-

-and tis is me with nisha-

-sim & her foodsss, yummyyyy!!-



quite tough to plan the game and all the stuffs for this explorace.. but lucky that amir & i had managed few events before & gone through this kind of thing at our previous company..last time tooo many things we failed mase organize treasure hunt until all became kelam kabut during the event.. 1 thing i nvr forget is,, we put ssurat khabar lame somewhere dkt tong sampah..and all teams need to get it.. tp kan lori smpah angkut smue all the old new papers..mmg haruuu sgt,heheee... so for this time, we really be careful to make sure all run smooth & well..lgpun 14 teams join and the place is just somewhere around the office & parking lot, so we need to plan so that 14 teams wont come to same place at 1 time..

-brainstorming session with the teams... i really enjoy every single minutes of the meeting.. sronokk keje ngn depa2 nih-

-as usual mages with her herbal life container..hahakss..-

quite exhausted bcos for few nights i hv to prepare for the game clue & instructions etc at home..and the rest like amir,dila etc smpai kul 1am duk prepare kt opis.. caiyok2..

apepon mmg sronokla esp when we can see the environment at office suddenly became havoc. all teams bz to prepare for the flag, with lotta style & fashion.. kire smue best & sportingg!!

-during the event.. our station 'stripes of glory' aka 'jalur gemilang' with the game 'Fireball Hunterlaar'..oh yaaa Alhamdulillah the weather was just nice...x panas terik and paling pnting x hujan..

btw thanks a lot for my assistants dila,wanie & suria. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 hour with Mira..

Mira my ex-opismate who now known as cikgu murni came to kulim for some bisnes.. and she dropped by to see me.. we met up somewhere for tea break,, for almost 1 hr..
So good to see her.. she's slimmer noww.. even slimmerr than me..yeahhhh!! imprvement given by London weight management.. hehe...oh ya,, she wasn't coming alone to kulim.. ehem2 pun ade :)

oh ya,, hope not too late to wish 'hepy teacher's day' to both of them.. due2 cikgu katekan :))
-such a nice guy for mira..-

-cikgu murni malu2-

hope we can plan to meet up again 1 day.. together with rina..Insyaallah..winduuu la kat korang 2..huhuu..

-Our good oldday @ chicken rice shop!!-

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Suprise befday for KK

A belated entry :p

Basically my opismates made a plan to celebrate KK's befday..but they faced some technical problem. KK 's befday was on 29th april, but due to overexcited kot,hehe.. hajar mistakenly told the rest that KK's befday was on consider advance befday la nih..

pepon celebration was nice & cool.. mcm raye pon ade,,cos kak nur,hajar & zul siap bawak ketupat,nasik himpit and rendang ayam.. eat till full!! mmg sempoiii..

-welcoming KK to 3 series,hehe..-

-preparing the foods... ttibe terkenang rendang ibu mertuaku yg sgt sodappp.. :)
pnjang umur this ry dptla rase,cos turn raye penang-

-with hajar yg sempoi..
ish ishhh me with my oily face :(-

Jalan ke syurga..

utk mama yg mlahirkan sy, terima kasih tak terhingga..
utk mami yg melahirkan abang , juge trime kasih yg tak terhingga..
smoga sentiase dirahmati..
semoga dimurahkan rezeki..
dan semoga syurga untuk kalian berdue..Amin..

Selamat hari ibu..

Ya Allah, jadikan diriku seorang ibu yg kuat,sabar & tabah..
Tingkatkan kehidupanku dgn rzeki yg berkat..
rahmatilah setiap langkahku dlm mencari rezeki utk keluarga..
bersihkan hatiku..kuatkan imanku..
peliharalah diriku dari fitnah dunia dan akhirat..

Perjalanan masih jauh.. andai umur masih panjang..
Perliharakanla kecantikan dlm diri ini..kecantikan rohani & jasmani..
Dan rahmatilah hidup ini dlm meniti perjalan ke syurgaMu..
Amin Ya Rabbilalamin.

Hepi mother's day to all moms!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our times during Labour day

Balik my hometown during labour day..lame betui x balik..adela 4 bln x kelik.. damn missing my parents...

for the 1st 2 days, we just grounded ourselves at home,ahakss.. the weather..Masyaallah... really hot. yes true everywhere here & there, everybody complain hot.. but i do think, my hometown lagi panasss compare kulim.. mybe bcos angin pantai, so bahang tu lg trase..i do remember around july normally lagila hottt.. btw at our kulim's house,we do hv aircond (bil letrik mlambung pon malas nk pk dah,huhuuu..) so we still surive when we stay in aircond.. but at kg the aircond was mulfunction,,so mulela rs smcam.,hehe.. btw x kisahla panas pon panasla yg pnting trubat rinduuu kat parents..Alhamdulillah... :)
Panas kat dunia pon dah xleh tahan..ape lagi panas di 'sane'.. hmm.. spt firman Nabi "Andaikata penghuni neraka dicampakkan ke dlm api dunia,nescaya bergembirala mrk,,krna api dunia 69 kali lagi 'sejuk' berbanding api neraka.. Nauzubillah... Ya Allah sesungguhnye hambamu ini xlayak ke syurgamu,namun x jugak berupaya menahan azab nerakamu..

the 3rd day, we force ourselves to outing off we went to KB town..for the wndow shopping and makan2..
-donuts from Big Apple..
i am technically fall in love with the donutss esp yammy donuts.. sedap weyyy..
as the matter of fact i mmg suke yamm..-
-daddy & dotter also enjoying the Big apple donutss-

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Sebagai manusia, kita sayang padamu'

Yeahhh,, i'm damn crazy bout Sunan,,hahaksss..
just finished Ramlee Awang's latest novel Cinta Sufi which is the the 4th sequel of the 1st book Bagaikan Puteri.. after finished this book, i do think that the author may continue the journey of Sunan again.. and i'm really hope that Ramlee will create back the character of haryiani,, the original character from the 1st series...huhuuu..

last time i bought this book from my fren Aida. but tis time wanna buy on
my own & re-read this 1st book :)

-btw, ni keris Nanggroe.. sesape yg bace citer Sunan should familiar with it-

waiting for Ramlee's next book.. Rayyan Fantasi.. :)