Monday, March 29, 2010

Fizan's home sweet home

fizan my bes fren since 10 yrs ago...invited me,rozi & k.ida to her new 'home sweet home', somewhere in kulim square.. on the day, rozi & k.ida couldnt make it. so off i went to fizan's house with hanisah,,my co-pilot as usual,hehe...

fizan had cooked special menu for us.. ayam percik & served budu and ulam2..
my favorite dishesss.. sedapp tuh,, 3 x tambah nasik!!

hanisah & danish (fizan's son).. they both know each other pretty well cos both of them hv been sharing the same babysitter.. they were nice to each other for the first 10 min (approxiamately) only.. then after that masing2 tnjuk real peel. danish was not willing to share his stuffs to hanisah,, and hanisah didnt care at all. she just grabbed what ever toys that she wanted to play even mat danish refused to share.. pening kami 2,,huhuuu..

btw,, fizan's home is so sweet & nice..
hmm,, when's our turn to shift to our new home,,~sigh~~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bukit merah,, here we come again!!

Soon after attended kak lina's reception, we shoot to bukit merah.. and arrived there around 8pm.. such a rushing journey,huhuuu.. all the family mmbers were already there since 1 day before.. atceli kak yati has her big day which is convocation day @ USM transkian. so that's the reason why they checked in at hotel bkt merah.. furthermore no room/hotel available nearby usm transkian..

again congrats to kak yati aka now Dr. Norhayati :) for her PHD in bisnes admin.. oh ya,, she was in same class with my director Adib and Faiz, ex-opismate..
since 3 of us hv been missing k.yati's convocation day, so we just spent few moments with the family at bukit merah..oh ya,, i was not only miss the convo day but in fact i also missed the chance to meet liza my ex-opismate.. die jadik pnyambut tetamu tuh,, huhuu..

-brekfast ramai2 kat bilik-

-her golden chance to dip again into the pool..
and tis is what so-called a quality time with her parents :)-
-hanisah's acu-

-hanisah & ummi-

-hanisah & opah-

psstt.. jeles arrr sunny mami, MJ tuh!

-b4 check out-

Monday, March 22, 2010

Congrats k.lina & hubby

Congrats k.lina & hubby for the 1st anniversary of their wedding..
wish this relationship may last 4eva & eva..smoga hepi sokmo..Amin :)

atceli i didnt plan to attend tis reception,cos no geng.. then around 12.30pm after wake up from tidoq (nite shift), i got sms from dila that she's going to penang and she asked me either i want to follow her or not. after negotiation of time ;p.. she gave half an hour for me to prepare..ahakssss...
btw,, my hubby quite confused..cos i went to penang with Myvi putih, and returned home by Myvi itam.. sudah spray hitam,hehe..
thx for dila & ella for the ride..
p/s for Ella... great experience with u okes..and guess hubby was like.. hmm,,couldn't accept what we had gone through that evening...mueheeehee.

-warm welcome from Mr.clown-

-Mr.clown entertained hanisah and gave her what so-called a shapy balloon. it reminds me to 1 of the scenes from movie Mask ;p-

-dila,ella, bee choo & kimberly (lindsay's dotter)-

-posing with kak lina & her hubby
oh ya,, we hv the chance to see their wedding photo album.. and know what?..seriesly she looks like 'perempuan melayu terakhir' in the photos.. so gorgeous ok!!-

-The ladies plus Lok's son at kak lina's reception :)-

Friday, March 19, 2010

AIC Futsal tonemen

For tis whole wk i really didnt bother to open up my lappy.. no mood i guess..well, as usual i hv been ruled by my own mood.. sigh~

btw,last week hubby was invited to be a referee for futsal tonemen at our previous company..OUR previous cmpany ok.. the place where i started to meet & know him :)

so back to the futsal, off we go to Bola2 around 9am..seriesly hepi sgt cos i got the chance to meet up my old frens.. kak mas,kzack,kmiza,rina etc.. well, honestly i really love the friendship i built at tis company.even until now i still keep in touch with most of them.. they are what so called a Quality frens for me INCASE there's a fellow come & provoke bla-bla-bla and said that i hv lack of frens or tadak kawan, well lemme tell u tis,, u are totally bullshit..!

uiks cut the crap...!! just let these pics narrate..

-kak mas my forever kakak-

-forever-ever loving couple-

-hanisah in 1 of the court with her new usual, she 's not afraid at all mmeeting new faces.. and as usual, she run here & there..penat ummi!!-

-with kak ex housemate..never forget how she helped me when i have no car at the beginning of my working stage- she was the one who gave me the ride . really appreciate until now..-

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me & my good buddy

We hv been waiting so longg to meet each other..and finally we made it.. btw, the last time jmpe minah ni somewhere end of 2006,,in fact b4 i got married.. since now she's working in penang , and predicts to mantain her current job maybe for another 2 okla,, quite close with me.. then we could hang out more frequent in future :)

-i think hanisah is a bit curious with this auntie.. ;p -

her personality doesn't change at all..same mcm dulu jgk,,, she's talkative, rugged,gorgeous, happening.. all in 1,, ahakss!!!! we are totally different to each other.. different in terms of our life style & personality (definately ;p), our look ,our career, our world.. but we dun care ok..we close to each other!! it reminds me to 1 incident when both of us entered 1 shop in Johor. and the chinese guy who entertained us asked "eh sorg pakai tudung..sorg rambut purple, boleh kawanke?" hahaaa..

oh ya,, she got something for me.. FM!!! i seriesly like esp the rubber one.. she used to travel for bisnes trip..

Where: Ocean Park Hong Kong & Bangkok,Thailand
Who: F.rahl
When: March 2010
Collection # :59 & 60

Monday, March 8, 2010

Twins' befday bash @ Berjaya

As on 6th March, officially hubby & his brother turn from 31 to 32.
The initial celebration plan was to have the makan2 at mami's house. 1 wk before,, she hs told us that she will be ordering roti nan and i'll be in charge in ordering the cake.. but when come to the day, suddenly the plan changed. so instead of makan roti nan at home, we have the steambot dinner at Berjaya hotel.. :)

Off we went to berjaya hotel around 6.30pm and arrived there b4 7pm. yeahh steambot.. i love steambot, and in fact i love seafood very-very much.. the last time we hd makan2 here was somewhere in 2009,and that time hanisah kecik lgi.. was around 6 mths old.. btw,, 1 thing i like bout berjaya hotel is,, the management provides surau for guest..eventhough xdak aircond but kire okla compared to rasa sayang htl, no surau for guest okesss..huhuu...

-macam-macam ade :) -

atceli i planned for edible image cake with their chilhood image,, but paham2la zaman 80's mane ade camera digital. if i wanna make it happen, i hv to go to CC & scan the photo. but due to nowadays weather yg sgt hot till up to 37 degree,,cancel!! sigh~~, x larat nak kuar p scan..

-the twins were sharing cut the lovely & yummy cake;
ordered from Jeri , *wink*-

Basically For Mohd Azran - my husband, my roomate, my bedmate, my life partner , my lover, and papa of my cute little Hanisah, Happy 32nd Birthday. Semoga panjang umur & murah rzeki slalu.. and thank you for sharing everything with me.. sayang u alwizzzz... muahhhzz!!!

and to Mohd Azlan aka Adik (my bro in law), also hepy 32nd birthday..also smoga panjang umur & murah rzeki sentiasa...and may u find ur "Mrs. Azlan" sooner or asap,,ahakssss.. :)) i wish you will b alwizzz hepii,, oh ya,,also success in ur bisnes..Insyaallah..Amin... :)


p/s: i guess the next family gathering will be mid of march,,due to kak yati's konvo @ Usm .kalu join,hrp2 leh jmpe Liza :)-

Friday, March 5, 2010

Coolababy CDs for her Part 2

Tadaaa,, finally i received another 6 CDs from Kak Rin.. as mentioned b4, i bought 2 Coolababy Cds before and hv been using them since couple of wks before.. and i really in love using CD compare DD.. imagine i just used 2 CDs per day,, means i already save 2 per month, i already could save 60 pcs of DD..1 DD approximately bout 50cent per piece..fuhhh very save my money!!

and in fact i can see hanisah feels so comfortable in the soft cloth. oh yaa 1 more thing, it stated in the article that by using CD, automatically baby is trained for Potty training bout 6 mnths earlier (earlier than suppose to be).. i can see it on hanisah.. after wearing the CD for hours, i can see she's not feel comfortable and if she poops in CD, she will be telling me few times that she 'yak',like asking me to clear it asap..heheee...

since i feel in love using the CD and 2 is definately not enuf to rotate the CDs everyday, so that's da reason i ordered another 6 Coolababy Cds, with variety of colors of coss.. 2nd order got discount from tokeh cd :) there are bunch of types,and even the tokeh cd has asked me 'x nak cube QQ ke, new brand of CD'.. hmm,, xpela..since i notice hanisah is comfortable being wrapped by Coolababy, so let's stick to this 1 brand first.. :)

at first i tot that using CD is a burden esp the time to clear it up and when she poops especially..but now i get used to it and rilex je.. i like!! so from now on hanisah will be using CD more frequent.!!

-i think she knows pretty well that those stuffs belong to her ;)-

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CNY Open House

In order to encourage the GSC team spirit, our dpartment has planned to hv a kind of functional gathering for all major festives season. And CNY is the start for tis year..!!

we call it as CNY Open house.. and every team is encouraged to bring any food for at les 50 people (at les 1 type).. for our team, we brought samosa & popia, which ordered from Sujana's auntie.. oh ya the auntie is malay and has a similar hobby with me,ahaksss!!

back to tis makan2, Nisha (the Organizer) & i went to cafeteria bout 1 hour earlier, to arrange all the stuffs, including foods,drinks, plates, table etc.. on this day also, we are encouraged to wear RED in order to show the spirits of tis celebration & unity.. :)

-preparing the stuffs-

-water mouthering dishes... satay, caufufan (not sure the spelling),bihun greng, kuih,kek, secret recipe brownies,oranges,samosa,popia,kuih bakul and lotsss more-

-with my buddy ,Dila-

once again,, i was really enjoying tis makan2.. there are lottas foods till all of us could tapau after that..

btw, have tasted kuih bakul (not sure which team ordered tis kuih bakul from pakcik kulim). but seriesly after tis if i go to kulim town, will drop by at pakcik's stall and borong his kuih bakul..sedapp & i like!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Subway sandwiches

On sunday nite, 5 of us hv our dinner or so called a pre-dinner @ Subway,penang..
it was my 1st time eating at Subway,,so i hv to admit that i was so jakun to choose what to eat..
if not mistaken,, there are 5 or 6 types of bread as option and i took oregano bread.. then there are bunch of sandwiches type.. to play safe,i just follow like mikal,heheee.. both of us took 6 inches Italian BMT sandwich.. then when come to portion of the vegetables,onion, and also the sauce /cheese/mustard,, still the worker waits for us to choose and ask him to pick up... pening den nak pilih!! last2 belasah jekk..

-hanisah & atuk
(see how she behaves herself with her atuk..sian atuk,hehe)-

-looks like mikal is showing off his subway sandwich to me,,
but the fact is, he even has no idea that i snap
his photo at that time ;p-

btw, next time wanna try the other type of sandwich.
and hopefuly 2nd round wont be sooo jakun like my very 1st time,ahaks...

Firebowl 2010

We hv bowling tonemen last saturday.. it was such a good event indeed...i really enjoyed playing and seeing the crowds.. talking bout my bowling performance,,jus enough for me to survive,,ahakss... but as far as i'm concern, i didnt really 'cuci longkang' on that day.. ;p

oh ya, i hired a cleaner for that day..and i think rm8 for 1 hr was really worth as she really took care of my hanisah.. i did ask her to follow hanisah...whereever my hanisah has gone,, it was under her supervision.. so okla...dptla den main bowling ngan tenang,hehe.. btw the reason of hiring the cleaner on that day bcos on the same day hubby got badminton tonemen.. so really can't rely on him.. but just after finish our tonemen,, my hubby came here with a handful of his frens.. :p

btw congrats to all the winners.. :))

-hanisah really hv few new friends, she's making new friends, go here & there and i could see she was so happy... i noticed she was playing 'jump-jump' with Amir's dotter..and also try to communicate (i guess) but malu2 then being hugged by Irdina, dotter of Nuli & Jeri.. she didn't afraid at all see new faces and so many people around her.. that's my girl!!!-

-me and hanisah.. hanisah tgh usha my 100plus,hehe..-
me with jeri.. uikss spot da same thing bout us?! both of us wore the very same of the tudung brand :)

- with my teammates; hatta & amir (depa 2 got the style, but me?? hentam jek,,ahaks)-

-hanisah & irdina,, it's not easy to persuate both of them to stand beside each other and snap da photo,, due2 aktif xleh duk diam-

-hanisah & ummi-

-cam poyo jek pgg medal.. atceli that belongs to Saiful my manager.. for the 1st runners-up. he has to go earlier due to emergency call from his wife-

can't wait for the next fun activity.. Treasure Hunt i guess..hope so..!!!! *wink*