Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend @ Park royal

Saturday 30th Jan 2010.

We celebrated mami's befday at park royal.. sronok sgt having this celebration,family gathering & makan2..

abah & the rest check in for 3days & 2nites while me,hubby,hanisah & adik just 1nite stay there. we went there from kulim on saturday morning.. nsib bek x jam,,cos clash with thaipusam celebration...

-Enjoy my brekfast meal-

-since depart from kulim very early morning(nak elak jam),
so hanisah p brekfast without taking a shower,huhu-

-mommy & dotter-

-seriesly love tis pic. and in fact after snapping tis picture, 1 minah salleh came to us and asked to snap our family pic as for her own collection :))-

-bapak mithali-

-hanisah's 1st time @ swimming pool.. sgtla jakun.

tis time opah persuates hanisah to jump into the pool..ngeee...-

1st time berendam.. sronok sgt smpai x nak naik-

-we have pizza as our late lunch. mkn dlm bilik ramai2..

atceli b4 that, adik asked me to choose 1 sunglass at
Gurney Plaza as befday present for mami-

-tadaaaaa...mami with her befday present.. it's a MJ sunglass..
that's my choice okesss...
mcm jeles la plak mami dpt MJ..latest design pulak tu..
i really hv been dreamingg to get 1!!-

-pinjam sattt..nk posing ngan spek baru,hehe-

-evening activity.. 1st time tgok abah playing pingpong..
he's indeed a good player!!-

-mami with her new gadget ;p-

-candid this bride-

-tis time she's tired after berendam in pool.. mngamuk ngantok.
and the worst thing was, i didnt prepare for her milk.. what laaa ummi-

-dinner at Sri bayu.. just walking distance from the hotel..
see her face.. dah x tahan ngantok,ahakss-

-everybody laughs tgok hanisah's sleepy face-

Sunday 31st Jan 2010.

-After taking breakfast, bring hanisah to the pool.
this time she's wearing her new swimming suit ;p-

-my reluctant model-

-packin time.. tis time i told her.. everytime when people want to snap ur pic, show ur pic like tis & say peace..

and seriously indeed, she has tried her best to make a peace.. siap ckp 'pis' lagi..
what a clever girl..she's really an observant kid!!-

-peace with Acu-

-peace with papa-

-time to go home...

seriesly i love this holiday with family..
hopefully next time gonna have tis kind of holiday again with them..PEACE!!-

oh yaa,,not to forget my FM collection. grab from Night market..

# 52 & 53
Where: Night market Batu feringgi
Who: Faz
Where: Jan 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Princess Sultana

Hubby has been borrowing this book from his brother since july/aug las yr..
but i'm pretty sure that he's never ever go to page 1..haha..
he really make it as pekasam.

i hv a glance to tis book and like eager to know better bout tis princess...Princess Sultana from Saudi Arabia.. what a nice name..!! thinking of saudi arabia and what all of us see & think??terrorists spreading fear? religious zealots? a corrupt government ? what else.. it's a fabulously wealthy royal family living lives of unbelievable luxury...

hope can feel free my time to read this book..
btw i hv bn looking for 'The lovely bones' by Alice sebold..

i wish to read her book prior watching the movie..!!

The Heartbreak Kid

I hv been watching tis movie thru Astro 411 .. this is the Farrelly brothers' movie and serisly i love it so much.. and guess what..i could watch it few more times in future *wink*

Damn funny.. can u imagine this guy..he's having honeymoon time with his wife and during that time , he could have fall in love with other woman..huhhh?!! sounds weird..

ohh ya..!! for me the heartbreak kid is much2 better than "something about mary.' the only main reason i watched SAM was b'cos the actress cameron diaz.. cant avoid to watch her..she's hot!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hide and seek

An evening at Store....
Tis is what so called a hide & seek game..
tis kid tried her best to cover her head..
but apparently she forgot to hide her body as well.. ahaksss.. ummi got u!!

-dah pandai jengket nk capai coklat.ish..ishhh-

-time nk try baju,harus bawak die skali dlm fitting room..hehe..
msti die konpius with tis tiny room with long mirror,,,teeheee..-

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shopping daze @ Giant part 3

At tis moment, hubby joins the fishing trip somewhere with his tis week no activity with hubby..
plan to go to FOS,to get few new stuffs for las min cancel.. so instead of going to FOS, we went to giant.. get some kitchen stuffs aka groceries,,eheee... oh yaa,, we went there with hanisah's babysitter, kak ida & her hensem boy Afiq...

-it's sooo cute to see these 2 adorable kids in troly with those groceries =P-

-if you guys go to giant kulim,, you would see Elianto booth somewhere near the escalator.. see these 2 salesgirls.. they are kak ida's dotters =)-

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pesanan utk diri sendiri: udah2 la tu..!!

Hahaaaha...since da 1st day i involve with this blogging world until now, i think i hv been changing templete,font & color for more than 10 times...
cam xdak keje je asyik main tukar2 nihh...!! =P
nk wat cmane.. i think i like playing with this kind of thing..
i mean with color esp.. that's the reason why when people ask for my consensus to do task like promoting the fun activity and also sending the birthday
email to my opismates, i agree ;)
but anyhow,, againn to myself: dah2 ler tukaq templete..ahaksss!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kes naya.. damn it!!

Before this, we already aware that IT at my company has blocked wbsite favorite like friendster, youtube & facebook.. still leh trime lagilaaaa... then next, they blocked blogspot.... hmm nak marah la nih,,, sbb makin bnyak yg di blocked.. kami smbil keje smbil layan2 blog.. 2 in 1..
sabo jekk... pepon we still could enter blogspot via proxy website such as, & all these website bleh bypass web filters...
but now,,jeng..jengggg.. what IT advance do is.. they blocked all the bypass website by category.. so anykind of bypass website pun dah kena blocked.. ini boleh mendatangkan marah!! bosan betuilaaa.. *panass*

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

9 Nyawa- RAM

Just finished reading this book last monday..i bought tis book somewhere in dec, and just started reading it during last weekend... punyelaaa lame wat pekasam..!!
as usual, RAM's book never disappoint me as one of his loyal readers..
but since i used to read all of his books before... so for this novel, few things that i could hv predicted during reading is real happen.. cth like i guess the character khairil is a bad guy,,carl & khairil is the very same person,, then donate jantung by arwah adik hakim & etc..
pepon can't wait for his next novel.. CINTA SUFI... cume yg x bestnye,, he will not add haryani's character in this novel.. alaaaa frustnye Sunan x jadik kawin ngan Haryani,huhuhu...!!!

Vitamin shaklee

I was taking for granted to take vitamins daily.. but now, since umur yg makin 'btambah' so peel lame kenala ubah... nowadays i keep remind myself to hv at least 1 pil of every multi vitamin, vit-c, b-complex & calcium magnesium..

why vit c..bcos 1 of function is anti oksidan..since sy ni malas mkn buah,,so pil vit c sgtla perlu.. and for this brand, 1 pil of vit c consist 7 oranges..

why multi vitamin? bcos makanan yg kite mkn hari2 (like nasi& lauk pauk) still x cukup utk cover all the vitamins & mineral which needed by our body.

why calcium mag? sbb utama cos sy malas minum susu..hehehe... and cal cium mag is soo imporrtant esp for woman.. paham2la,, kite kan kaum ibu,huhuu..

last but not least.. why SHAKLEE?? maybe there are few more good & better products in market,,but i am pretty sure that shaklee is one of them..

for those yg x biase mkn vit, let me tell u something.. shaklee has no 'plastic putih kecik' inside the bottle.. the function of that is to prevent fungus (cos normally ubat or vitamin ade pewarne/pengawet). shaklee doesnt need anti fungus cos the product itself is so pure & clean..

Tea talk with Adib

Tea talk is a session where we have a tea with a slice & free of secret recipe cake (yummyyy) with our director Adib Kheraidine (betui ke eja??).. the advantage of having tis session is that we hv the opportunity to talk or ask him about something/anything..

well, i did ask him, incase management could eliminate nite shift since any work coming around 2am still can be completed by morning/swing shift folks. but according to him, we are we have to hv our people back up at nite shift..huhuhuuu.. so mentenla aku keje malam!!!

atceli i dun mind working at nite shift.. i hv babysitter who can take care of my hanisah when i work at nite shift.. but nite shift now sooo sunyi.. xmcm dulu2 je.. nowadays only 3 persons.. so imagine kalu 2 of them do not turn up. so tpaksela den ambik EL,, huaaaa...

-Adib.. from Lebanon..sape mau kenalan? hehe (ingt dulu 1 fren of mine minat kat adib,,siap tnye sy kalu2 leh chatting ngan adib-

-my opismates-

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mee udang

hubby, mami, adik,hanisah & i having our mee udang as lunch, at restaurant.. somewhere in penang..our 1st intention was to go to Salwa's rstaurant,,but since close no choice we went to next shop..

not bad.. kire b'baloi la 1 pinggan rm15 (big prawn).. cume 1 je yg x best,, at that time, there was some kind of 'jalan2 carik makan' versi chinese by TV8. so can u imagine while eating & drinking, of cos we cant help to make sound 'slurrrpp'. then 1 chinese guy came and show finger at his mouth..suruh diam la.. he asked in polite kire okla... but for me,, tokeh kedai pon sengal. kalu nk buat shooting xnak ade gangguan, then dont allow customer from entering air-cond room.. ni x, we were allowed to sit in aircond room, and yet bile time makan, kena makan senyap2.. nsib bekla mamat cine tu polite,huhuhuuu...

-sedapp.. cume x cukup ;0-

-mami & adik-

-hubby seriesss-

-sempat gak snap 1 photo,cam poyo je depa nih wat shooting,,hikhikk-

p/s: why me & hanisah not in photo..?? huhuuu..