Friday, May 29, 2009

My 8 yrs back..

ysterday lunch, as usual i went home.
have my lunch and at d sametime watching astro channel.
at astro ria ade citer anak mami d movie.. so layannn..mmg lawakla citer nihh...

well,, this movie really reminds me about my life 8 yrs back.
mase tu i was alone in age was around 23 yrs old that time.
just started my new life in kulim. have no friends yet and even have no car to go from point A to point B.
keje pun baru dlm 2 bln. during weekend my 3 hsmates got their own things to do..

1 weekend,,bosan sgt duk umah je, so what i did.. i took bus and off to Summit BM.
sorang2 tau.. that day ade tayangan baru anak mami d movie.mmg ramaila geng penang + indon turun,huhuh.
i think that was my 1st time watching malay movie at cinema.
few reasons..1 of d resons of cos safety.. biler ramai budak2 pompuan malay tunggu nak tgok movie ni,, den pun selit2 ngan depa..
so nmpakla mcm kami 1 geng..heheh.. kalu duk sorang2 bahaya..
abis movie,,round2 then around 5pm i took bus back to kulim.
nak shopiing tu xleh sgt,,cos time tu tgh survive giler2 kumpul duit nak beli krete..

biler ingat2 balik,,rase b'syukur sgt2 with my current new & great life.
i had gone through hard time before..
and now,,here i with my loving hubby & cutey Hanisah.
Alhamdulillah.. syukur tak t'kate dgn nikmatNya. :)

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