Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear blog/Hari ni agak sedih/ Counting down her day to turn 1

Dear my sweet & cute blog,
sorii cos i didn't write something bout me for quite long time.
atceli i got few things to update in you; like our last 3 weeks trip to Cameron with Hanisah and also my last 2 wks outin' with hubby tengok wayang 'Termination Salvation' till tpakse tinggai hanisah
kat babysitter (which she was quite upset cos kena tinggai).
the reason is, i dont have internet at home and blogspot at our company dah kena blocked. and it became worst when weprox & bypass have been blocked as well. waaaaaa tensenn!!
me & hubby have gone to TMNET for 3 times for the streamix registration. ntahla,, sorry to say but their system was very slow & x sistematik. 1st time pegi, they said they have to send their tech to verify our address 1st. so kena onhold. 2nd time pegi, hubby went alone to settle installation payment,then TMNET asked me to go there to submit IC copy.ok fine. then after i went to TMNET and submit my IC copy, the clerk said, kena dtg lagi skali to pick up the modem.
so for us, the system was slow and not systematik. and end up, i couldn't blogging at my home UNTIL TODAY!!!
Okla cut the crap. Let's talk bout my 2nd topic above.
Hari ni agak sedih/t'kilan/sebak/and xtau la nak picture my feeling. It is not bout me,but about my dearie fren. Couldn't describe what was her problem here.
But i really hope she will be strong. Insyaallah adela hikmah beyond all this.Only selected people are chosen by Him to face His test..
just remember, you' re always have me & Hanisah beside you =)

Well now, I am counting down for Hanisah to turn to 1. ohhh mase oo mase.. Hard to believe how time flies!! 1 yr back at this point of time, i was 'sarat' like mak labu,, hehee..
Btw we are going to have Hanisah's party bash at Opah's house in penang. so will just celebrate among hubby side only. Insyaallah next year dh naik umah baru leh la wat kat umah sndiri and ajak kawan2 Hanisah =).

Dah nak masuk 1 yr ni,,makin cerdik.Alhamdulillah.. wpon penat and kena ikut rentak die yg makin pndai,,tp sronok sgt. the latest, dh pandai jinjit badan to get anything atas meja makan. so brg2 dh xleh letak tepi meja..
Skrg makin bnyak mulot. sgt suke membebel in her own language ( only she understand what she mumbling). And lagi best, she's now already could understand what we said & order her.
so mcm suruh clap hands and dance mmg die dh biase. siap buntot semue goyang kalu suruh dancing,, hehe..

~Bleh melangkah dengan berpaut pada table/furniture since she was around 9-10 mths.
~Skrg rajin waving her hands (bye-bye) bile ummi nak p keje.
~Dah ade 8 gigi so far.
~Could clap her hands when we ask her to do so since she was 10 mnths++. and now dah reti react few more things when we ask like ''come here,faster-faster', 'don't move', where's d book~ cpt2 die crawl to the place where i kept bunch of books :) 1 more thing, if we say 'stand up', she will crawl dkt mane2 tmpat and b'paut utk b'diri. what a clever girl!! heheh.. Alhamdulillah..
And paling best about 2 weeks ago, dh boleh sebut 'book' & also few more new words like opah,atuk etc. just a tip for mommy-newbie. when we teach our baby to talk, let them see our lip =)

~can't wait to see her walk ( according to babysitter, Hanisah lambat leh jalan sbb berat perot;kuat makan nasik),huhu sabo jelaa.
Uiks dh pnjang sgt ni. wil come out with few more update especially about her coming birthday.Insyaallah..

Till then my blog.muahzz!!

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