Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Faces of Hanisah with us..since 1 yr ago..

Holaaa my peeps..!! (if i have ones), ahakssss..

sorry if u could not enter my blog for the past few days.,due to some reason.

well,,my S&C blog just up now, so i hope you guys can enter it freely. i just hope the provoker/s wont view my blog..harap2laaa...
Btw,Hanisah's birthday is tomorrow (July 1st)..
So let me share our photo of memories since 1 yr ago. They are so preciousss for me.. =)
@ Bad's wedding ceremony (2 months+)

@ UITM Sbrg Prai; majlis b'buka puase RRCC (3 months+)

@ JJ Perda (3 months+)

@ Liza's Raya open house (4 months+)

@ Air famosa resort, Melaka (4 months+)

@ Jay Bee (7 months+)
@ JJ Perda (8 months+)

@ Pengkalan chepa airport (with tokki) (9-10 months+)

@ Cameron Highlands (~11 months+)

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