Saturday, November 7, 2009

Have fun with nebers

Yesterday hv a great time with my nebers..

my front neber Rozi cook 'macam-macam ade' lauk for lunch,and invited me & kak ida... lauk yg simple tp sangatla membuke selera till den tambah 2x,,huhuuu.. (rosak lagi program diet aku!!) sedap sgt esp sbb ade budu & ulam2 =)

and mlm tu, got invitation from my indian neber., in conjuction with their son turns to 1..
dieorg tempah special meal for malay...

so ptg tu,, hanisah & i went to baby shop, and finally beli kasut as befday present..
the food was not bad,,rase2nye depa order from pak long nasik ayam..huhu.. usual x suke posing.time nak snap photo time tu la she turns her back..

ni afiq akmal, anak k.ida babysitter.. 8 bulan dh bleh berdiri..sure x lame lg leh bjalan..

hepi 1st befday to Thanes..!

nasik ayam for malay guests..

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