Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recognation lunch & my new ehem2 ;-P

This afternoon we got the recognation lunch @ Sunway Hotel..this lunch is specially for those comitees who had contributed to the success of our annual dinner recently..
since i work nite shift tis week,,so bring along my hanisah..okje die time makan.Alhamdulillah..lgpun dh biase angkut die p xde pblemlaaa... ;)

more pics coming from nuli's camera later...
ohyaaa blom post entry bout my last Hawaiian dinner..nnti2la,hehee...

after lunch, kami 2 beranak p sunway carnival..
susah daaa bjalan bawak anak nih,huhu..kalu ade hubby okla jgk..kalu p giant biase letak die dlm troli,,ni main pimpin bebasla die main lari2...penat den kejar,,huhuhuu...

ohyaa de best part is.. bought a shade..tadaaa..!!!
it's a Polarized shade. the price..hmmm..dlm 300++..
tp ade less so okla *wink* (alasan2)
hubby shaked his head when i showed him this shade.. die siap pesan "jage elok2"

-ask the saleman to snap my photo with my new shade ;p-

-my adorable kid.. need to do something in order to stimulate her hair..
few hv asked me "girl ke boy ni",huhuhu-


  1. cepat faz update xsabar nak tgk..tentu faz kiut..

  2. hehe japp.. faz comitee ari tu.. bz & kelamkabut so x bnyak snap photo sndiri.. tu yg tgh tunggu photo from our cameraman..