Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New year eve lunch

We had our lunch in conjuction with new year eve @ Richard's, somewhere in Prai..well,, it was good for me to hang out with opismate sometime..bcos my normal routine is buy lunch @ cafe and hv it at home..sesambil layan FB ;p

basically, the food was just OKlaaa,, and the service was not so good. we were 1st masuk restoren, but the other customers got food earlier than us. mages did complaint this thing to tokeh kedai, and end up kami dpt deduction of price ( tolak service & tax) ..mueheeee good old mages!!

btw, tis is my 1st & last visit to tis restaurant. 1 thing bcos of the service..and 2nd thing,, i'm quite doubt with the food.hmmm,,, x surela betul2 halal x eventhough could see few malays kat biler dah was2 ni,,susahla.. end up i ordered ikan & plain water je..huhu..
1 more thing, thanks to nisha my good buddy for not ordering beer or what so ever. other malay fren said to her "it's ok if u want to order beer'.. but nsib bek die x order.. If she do, then it's may really dishearten me so much.. :)

-photos taken from my hp..
x bwk camera cos it is sudden plan to hv lunch.. pic so blurrr laa-

-with bee choo-

-with nisha-

oh ya,, hepi new year to all my peeps :)
Alhamdulillah masih panjang umur..leh jmpe 2010..

utk sesape yg lom setel zakat, cpt2 la setel within tis yr so that u can rebate from income tax,hehe.. syukur i have done my part.. siap dpt kalender 2010,hikhik..

my new azam (of cos everybody hv 1 at les)..i wanna be more organize in financial bisnes.. last time slalu x organize..kkdg resit hilang and kkdg tlupe nak setel monthly bill.
2nd azam,, nak expend family member...Insyaallah *wink* :))) (ade sesape mau join x,hehe..)


  1. Faz..

    kita nak join expand famili gak..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!
    hoping 2010 is healthy and prosperous.

  2. jommm,pakat buat production 2010,,yeehaaa...

    epi new year 4 u 2 :)