Monday, June 21, 2010

Me,myself,frens & food part2

Ishh quite long time not updating tis blog.. usually bloggers when they have not written or updated their own blog for quite sometime, they used the words 'penyakit m' or bersawang..for me,, i just straight forward jela..yes i'm sooo malas to update,,hehee... and it happen just after i back from jay bee..not sure why,,but sometime somehow i jus think that i jus want to run for a while from blogging world..just to keep my privacy life.that's all... life is always almost perfect..1day after back from JB,, i present team building proposal in front of management,,and seems like they esp adib happy with my proposal :))..Alhamdulillah... bsyukur ngan ape yg ade.....juge bsyukur ngan rzeki hubby in his bisnes :) happy with family,frens,environment and also my work..cume 1 jek,,den x suke boss asyik pushh suruh buat annual projek,,waaaaaaa...

as for hanisah,,whatever it is,,she always in my heart and be my heartsoul:))) suke melukis nowadays..i wish to send her to school/tadika..but with my current working circumstances,,it's not really suitable to do that,,huhuu :(

then updating my FMs,,add 3 now ones which order from my opismate udeng,yeah!!!! these 3 from germany,munich & belgium,,,den suke sgt !!!

Where: germany,munich & belgium
Who: Amir aka udeng
number: #74,75 & 77

yesterday we have makan2 at resipi rahsia..our director adib treat us cos according to him,,we had managed & contributed to succes event :)) thanks adib for the makan2..enjoy the meal and enjoy the moments..oh yaaaa,,now nak brainstorming for the next event.. no idealaaa...huhuu..
-just fyi,,i'm no preggie okes...maybe baju tu yg kembang (salahkan baju)..
xpon,, i really put on weight( the fact)..huhuu :((

-i love tis pic!!-

till then :))

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