Friday, June 4, 2010

Take a break in Jay Bee..

hanisah & i now in JB,yeahhhh!! sorry papa kene tinggai.. as usual papa culdnt follow us.. so off we 2 went to JB last 2 days on our own,huhu..
well, basically we both went to airport by cab..since hubby have audit and couldt leave his company on that day.. nasib bek my hanisah as usual, behave well.. and i hv no problem at all.. cume susah tang nk masuk toilet.. of cos i can not leave her outside so kene bwk gakla die masuk toilet...msti die konpius jekk,,heheee...

-hanisah enjoying her time-

-while waiting for our flight..lepak kat kenny rogers-

-we are on the sky :))-

-with my niecesss... dotters of my brother..they pick us up at senai airport-


  1. hows ur holiday to jb?
    ada kerja ker or just visit family members kat jb?

  2. holiday was jus nice :)
    saje p mkn angin,, jmpe fmily abg kt sane..