Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eclipse Mood

I better write this down before my mood gone :))
I sound so much like a teenager,hahaa.. I like what Lev Grossman wrote: It's been at least a decade since we had a pair of authentic, shriek-inducing, catch-me-when-I-faint teen idols on our hands. But suddenly, OMG, they're back.

What makes the stars of the Twilight series so idolizable?currently here & there people keep talking bout the eclipse,, in fact tooo many people obsesss with this hot series by stephanie meyer... It's partly that ineffable combination of dirtiness and innocence: they're sexy, but they're not sexual. They're also not generically beautiful. God knows they're hot enough, but they look interesting too. Intelligent. Slightly askew.

-the CK underwear model missing in this pic..guess who ")-

well,frenkly that i was just so-so when i watched twilight & new moon... sorry to tell,i just feel that something not really correct with the director of twilight.i mean the way she (Catherine) directed the movie..hahaa..sory that's only my opinion okes.. but when i search in google,,there are numbers who have same opinion with me,,hehee..x sgka la plak..

btw when i watched eclipse last week with hubbyy,,goshh i really fell in love to this movie..really deep in love.. eclipse is such a damn good movie,,with lotta romance & lotta action..and for me,,they really made a wise action by taking david as director..also good action by reshooting few scenes in order to add on more & more action.. super!!

i watched this movie twice..2nd time i went alone to cinema..hahaaa..rase mcm nak p lagi pun ade :)) i also bought the eclipse book..but after few pages reading this novel,i start pondering,,why dun i start with the 1st series first,instead of jumping to 3rd book..hmm...

btw i love edward cullen.. 104 years old VIRGIN vampire who looks like 17 yrs old ,,refuses to have sex until he is lawfully wedded,,eventhough bella claimed wedding is jus a piece of paper :)) cool!!

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