Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hanisah's birthday bash!!!

the original plan was to hv BBQ at our house in kulim..but due to few circumstances that couldnt be avoided,, we changed and just hv a very simpler plan.. i cooked nasik ayam at in-law house..

atceli on that saturday we were really full..rush to get the cake, then rush to meet developer to get the key for our new house.. then pagi tu p pasar, ayam pulak habis..sgtla kelam kabut.. but at the end, we still hv fun & really enjoying the celebration of hanisah's befday bash at mami's house in penang..mybe 1 of the reason is that hs been a long time that we dont hv makan2 among us.. so this is such a great & happening dinner..

oh yaaa,, mase den masak nasik ayam ptg tu,,hubby went out for a while.. rupe2nye die rembat kamera DSR..umphhh!!

this cake is seriesly damn yummy!! all my family mmbers impressed with the look &
taste of this cake.. mmg sedap tau!!!


during nyanyi lagu hapy befday,, hanisah was like blur & malu2.. but she's is 2 and i'm sure that she understand enough that this party is specially for her :)))

-hanisah & abang mike-


-ehem2 :)-

-soon after finish the makan2,, all melepak in front of tv,,watching german vs argentina..
german won with 4-0..Yeahhh!!!!

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