Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deco raya @ office- We did it!!

Damn blurr where to start,,since kami ni sgtla amatur..xpenah pon buat deco2 nih..time nila tringat kat ex colleague nisha,.. b4 this she was the one who did all these kind of things..huhuuu..

then lucky that my fren dila took initiative by learning how to anyam ketupat,,and she managed to make about 50 ketupats on her own,,yeahhh!!

atceli, the more involve in decorating then the more idea came.. thx to those yg tulun..penat 2 mlm kami panjat sane panjat sini gntung ketupat, duit raye etc...heheee..and really we did it!! ( eventhough we are amatur ;p). Insyaallah kalu nx year still kene buat task mendeco nih,,xdakla blur mcm 1st time,,hahakss...

-dila replacing tali rafia with tali pancing 60 paun.. and tali pncing tu den kebas dr hubby..

-selvi with her '1Malaysia' spirit :) -

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