Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Step Up Ur self..

Hello peeps,,

Nowadays i suke layan buku than layan blog..wanna put 1 entry bout it..Btw I hv been noticing that my blog's hit counter increase tremendously for certain day..last time i used to hide this blog for certain period..and even i hv to changed the url name for few times..and now only i reveal it..

i dun mind to have 'peepers' or even stalker (good stalker only pls) as long as..sambung sndiri la..kan kalu aku kasik ayat2 cinta kan org ingat aku nk jadik ustazah,, pepon Alhamdulillah skrg i just being cool..rilex jek skrg..mcm xde msalah. no complicated stuffs in my brain..i just happy with my life,my family,my work,my frens... segala puji bagi Allah...

Basically blog should be outlet for us to share anything or everything about our stuffs.. But sometime blog can bring more harm than good.. burning rather than bringing people closer esp when people misunderstood or bla bla bla...

Ok enuf for those things..

last weekend i went to cinema with hubby and leave our hanisah to mother in-law for 3-4 hrs ..smpat lg mummy bising 'bln2 pose pon tgok wayang',,heheee...
what to do,, sometiime we need to hv 'only 2 of us' precious time.. :))
we watched step up 3.. well,,best gilerr... much-much better than the previous one,step 2 the street.. the latest movie has more and more fabulous dancing techniques and..really cool!! yg x coolnye when the couple beside me,,hmm,,lucky gap 1 seat,,tp bising arr..mcm 1st time masuk wayang..sigh~~

Luke.. he's damn cool.. and hensemm :))

this movie remain few characters from previous movie..and Moose is the main one..u would love him if u see he dance on step up 2 with the song 'The Way I Are-Timbaland.'
i like face and cutie.. but dont ever2 under estimate his capability like what 'S' mistakenly did!!

Step up 3 is really ROCK!! but pepon i prefer Andie from 2nd movie rather than Natalie from latest one..

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