Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hanisah is 1 today!!

My Hanisah is 1 today!!!!!!!!!!!
Still hard to believe how time flies...!
As I mentioned before, we're going to have bash of Hanisah's birthday party on this coming Saturday at my PIL's house.

Btw, on the July 1st itself, we have had a simple celebration sempena her birthday last night around 12am. Just me & hanisah.
where was papa?? papa kat bengkel so couldn't join us..huhuhu :(

around 11.15pm i made preparation by changing her to new diaper & new pyjama as well.
tp yg lawaknye, x sempat kul 12am,ttibe je she made 'big-thing'. waaa sabo jelaaa.. dahler baru lps tukar diaper..ekeke..

Oh yaa, as for this simple celebration, i came out with idea by ordering cupcakes from my opismates (MYA).
my request is cutey & girlish design. and seriously ,the cupcakes are damnn cute, really made my requirement..
even hanisah pon geramm je bile tgok,,hehe..

ade 25 bijik with blueberry& respeberry flavour.
Hanisah & i ate 2, then another 3 reserved for papa & both of us for next day. i have given 1 for wanie, 3 for fizan and d rest i passed to k.ida, asked her to distribute to neighbours and mak2 budak yg k.ida babysit.. =)
Faces of her, approaching 1 yr.

the cupcakes.. they are cute, ain't they :)


  1. Chomell sungguh!.. Teringin la nak belajr buat deco cupcakes

  2. jom2,hehe.. tringin nk belajar ngan rani ,tp chanlun jauh tu,,huhuhuu