Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekday @ JJ

i brought my little hanisah to LHDN, to submit all the 2009 receipts (lucky i keep them!). on da way tu suddenly the aircond was mulfunction.fuhhh it was about 12pm that time and of cos so hot..peluh menitik2.. pepon Alhamdullilah my dotter was so behave..she was jus smile to me even i could see her face became red & swollen.. on da way i was pulling over my car..and thinking of come to LHDN next time..but kalu delay i afraid of miss the due date of submitting those receipts..last2 blasah jgkla..sabo jela..

well all the books/magazines,computer & other receipts hv been submitted.and i really hope that they will refund my money,hmmm..
we dropped by at JJ perda..and lucky that i brought her spare baju & smpai2 JJ,1st thing 1st was, went to toilet & gave shower to hanisah..hahakssss... :P sronokla die..

oh ya i just know & notice that,, plastic bag would not been provided when we shopping on monday,tuesday & wednesday, bring your own or pay 20cent if u want it standardize for all shopping complex?? lucky the day was thursday so we were entitled to get the plastic bag :))

p/s: wanna take a break,run out of kulim and have a peace fact school holiday is jus around da corner :D


  1. Kak Farah. Another 2 awards for you...Top Blogger and Sunshine Award. Mari kita collect award ramai.auwww!!

  2. faz..anak kita tak sekolah lagi..leh tak join mak2 yang nak amik cuti sebab anak cuti sekolah?

    ngelat kan..

  3. hehe tulerrr,,,anak blom skolah..
    kite pon bukannnye nak cuti time skool holiday gakk :))