Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Life was'nt normal for the past 3 days.. hubby was admitted to kulim GH on last sunday. atceli he was having sudden fever on last thursday and doc suspected it's due to denggi.. then on the 4th day which was on sunday, we went to emergency bcos hubby again got sudden fever.. they did blood test,and after a while found out that the platlet reading of blood test was not good and that's the reason why he being admitted..

oh yaa just imagine 1 room which suppose consist 6 bed suddenly consist 8 beds. my hubby's bed was the 7th.. so dekat with the toilet & koridor..huhuuu.. the next day the number of patience increase 1 more. so 1 bilik dh ade 9. x dptla nk imagine btape crowdednye..huhuuu.. then patient ke 10th kene duk luar,,his bed is just beside the nurse's counter,hehee.. i went few time to nurse,asking for the 1st class room availbility but seems like all full.. in fact hubby is entitle for rm200 per day.. nak p private susah gak.. cos GH i so near with house.anything i can go home & jenguk hanisah.. lucky the 2nd day we managed to get a room with 2 sharing bed basis .. syukur.. and also i learn that it's not easy to move from 1gh to another gh. my mother in law insisted to transfer her son to GH penang.. but doctor refused..

speaking bout denggi, folks from health minister came to my house and 1 guy came to hospital to take details.. i respect that they take denggi case seriously..i remember what aznil (pak nil) said.. kerna seekor nyamuk, die kehilangan seorang kawan..hmmm...

btw the 3rd day the platlet reading went well. and the cause of illness not due to denggi but due to severe viral fever. Alhamdulillah..bnyak kali ulang balik hospital & rumah..then overnite at hospital to accompanied him.. and not forgetting choice hv to leave her at baby sitter's hs more frequent,,,were such hustle things..just hope to get back to normal routine life and prepare to enter our new house :))

p/s: kat sepital smbil teman org sakit,,sempat abis bace buku new moon.
now going to 3rd series which is Eclipse *wink*

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  1. siannya ur hubby..
    hope he okay..

    kita pun ada experience hubby masuk hospital..
    masa tuh tgh pregnant kan ecah and bulan posa..

    mmg penuh dugaan