Monday, March 9, 2009

An evening @ Park Royal Hotel

We 'shoot' to Park Royal Hotel ater 'makan2' at Amil's wedding reception; bcos kak ya & family ade kt sane,,.dieorg check-in kat sane since las 2 days.

smpai2 sane, tried few times call hp kak ya, but she didn't answer. then tried on ika & abg zi's hp as well,,pon x angkat. lastly we decided to go to their room, #441.

tp xde org jgk.. sah ni mesti main air. ..huhuhuh..
so while waiting 4 them to return my call,, kite minumm duluu....heheh..

hubby's drink ;cookies 'r included.

& my drink.; mocha ice blended...

lps habis mnum, k.ya returned my call. mlm tu, kami bwk k.ya & fmily p makan nasi kandaq just beside masjid keling.

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