Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hanisah's babysitter..

It was quite 'kelam kabutt' day..

tgh2 syok tidor after keje shift mlm, suddenly received pon call from zamry (fizan's husband). he said k.ida (Hanisah's babysitter..) nak b'salin,,huhuhu..

dgn blur2,, p umah k.ida ( just next 2 doors from my house). and dlm pening2 + blur2 + mamaii2 cos x cukup tido,,, i got to take care of hanisah & danish (fizan's son) since zamry nak hantar k. ida p hospital.

that time was around 9am. then dlm kul 11am, K.ida sms. die ckp dh selamat bsalin baby boy around 10.30am.. Alhamdulillah.. senangnye die bsalin. dah le xde gunting or jahit ape2,,huhuhuh..

btw to abg mus & his wife kak ani, thanks a lot cos sudi jage hanisah for 1 nite, since i work at night shift, and at same time hubby have to stayback at kilang cos ade issue.. muahhzz..

Welcome to d world.. Baby AFIQ AKMAL!!!

Hanisah pon nk tumpng skaki,,alahai syggg anak ummi ;)

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