Friday, March 6, 2009

Hubby's 31st birthday

As of today 6th March,officially hubby turns from 30 to 31.
I called him last night, about 12.02am,and wished him birthday..
then hubby said, i was 2nd person who wished him.. hmm nmpaknye die punye bro was d' 1st wished my hubby,huhuhu.. tp logiklaa kalu ikut kan pon..hehehh... and mcm leh agak2 je befday wish between them..
the wish maybe sound like this "Happy befday to us!!",, tak pon " kite same2 dah tue",, ekekekeek... pandai2 je teka.. =P

For Mohd Azran Mohd Yusoff- my husband, my roomate, my bedmate, my life partner , my lover, and papa of my cute little Hanisah, Happy 31st Birthday. Semoga panjang umur & murah rzeki slalu.. and thank you for sharing everything with me.. sayang u alwizzzz... muahhhzz!!!

and to Mohd Azlan Mohd Yusoff aka Adik (my bro in law), also hepy 31st birthday..also smoga panjang umur & murah rzeki sentiasa... and i wish you will alwizzz hepii,, Amin... :)

that night hubby ckp die tringin nk mkn mc donald. tp time tu dh 9pm, and i work at night shift. takut rushing, so finally we have dinner at bistro. hubby ckp ok je laa... as long as he can eat western food. so we have kind of unofficial befday celebration between both of us, with no cake & no Hanisah!!!,, huhuhuh....

d' macho twins kongsi potong kek..

same tp x serupee..

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