Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Shell !!! Tahniah... (bla bla bla)

Do u ever have received spam sms which sound like this "From Shell !!! tahniah anda memenagi HADIAH CONTEST 2,3 (million). Sila hub ... bla bla bla.."

well, i did receive it yesterday.. and guess what,,,it is bullshit!!!! as human being, sure i feel excited when received that kind of info. but it just took me bout few sec to be happy (cos mmg penah isi form Shell bile isi RM40 above).
So what i did after couple of secs, i went to google & type samesort like this "sms contest shell". then this is what i found..

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting Shell with regards to your enquiry below.
It has come to our attention that Short Messaging System (SMS) text messages are being sent to people claiming that they have won prizes from Shell Malaysia.
Please do not reply but ignore the sms and lodge a police report. Shell Malaysia does NOT use text messages to communicate to our contest winners. All winner announcements for contests run by Shell are advertised in the media and available on the Shell Malaysia website . Winners will also receive a phone call informing them of their win by a Shell appointed agency. At which point, our agency will need to verify the winner’s name, NRIC and address for the prizes to be couriered to the winners.

We do NOT require any bank account numbers, etc. If ever in doubt, please do check the website to ensure that you are indeed a Shell contest winner.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.
Thanks & Regards,

Akhari Begam
Shell Customer Service Centre

so for all of us, be very careful with such sms. Nowadays rmai sgt penyangak yg snggup buat ape saje to get our money. kkdg tu , mat indon pon call & do their best by imitating our local slang. punyerla nak menipu...
jgn sbb excited dgn 2,3 milion, smpai p layan/or worse come to worse smpai t'kasik account no.
remember, bukan senang nk dptkan duit.. keje siang malam smpai tpakse relakan anak tidur ngn org lain (ni kes akula,hehe)... so dpt duit, jgn sesenang bagi kat org2 yg jenis x kenal halal haram ni.huhuhu..


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