Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hanisah demam balik + a dinner treat at VS =)

las mlm minggu, Hanisah's temperature suddenly increase again.
so we hv no choice but went back to Kamachi clinic. tgok2 Dr. check tu die 38 dgree!! nasib bek cpt bawak p klinik. Dr. Khannan changed da ubat demam& da antibiotik as well.

since hanisah got kahak, Dr. Khannan decided to give her nebulizer.and this nebulizer MUST be given for 3 consecutive days.. (when hanisah bout 4 mnths , also Dr asked us to come for 3 days without fail to get nebulizer. but biasela time tu we were new parents so 1 day miss,, kena sound tu,,ahakss!!)

This is not her very first time pakai nebulizer but still she didn't enjoy it. She cried and struggled all the way and the nurse & hubby had to swaddle her. kuat sgt die nangis (meraung) till org2 luar pon leh dgr,huhuhuu.. siap membebel2 lagi,, smpai Dr. gelak cos die nangis marah2+ mumbling kat doktor.. Dr persuate hanisah & said: "nanti kite pukul nurse ye", hehe!!

-sian anak ummi...oh ya update bout our lil girl.. Alhamdullilah she's now getting better.. :) -

lps setel kat klinik, kami pusing2 for dinner.. according to hubby, he bored with nasik + tomyam campur etc.. that is our typical lauk when i do not cook okehh *wink*!!

skali hubby drove da car and shoot to seberang prai..
bawak p Victoria Station.. wahwah wahhh,, da last time i went here during Eva Kosiba from Toronto blanje da ROHS team. That was somewhere in 2007. lame tuuu..! tis time came here with my precious ones =)
btw, let the pics below narrate....

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