Thursday, August 13, 2009

RM50 Giant voucher

Received recognation from manager ZB due to my hardwork in IBM Jolomo project. hardwork,, iye ker??!! cam poyo jee, ahakss!!

x sgka dpt this kind of recognation,,cos never expect pon..pepon Alhamdullilah and thanks. the award is RM50 and we can redeem on few ways,like redeem for cinema ticket, mkn2; ade few in list like aiskrim hagen dez or shopping. well,i choose shopping and da best place for me is GIANT. why giant not JJ or MPH or Bodyshop. they are in the redeem shopping list as well. well,bcos Giant is nearby my house where i can go with Hanisah without accompanied by hubby. paham2la hubbyku slalu bz..huhu..

tp nowadays dah x berani nk bwk my hanisah outin. btw, by having rm50 Giant voucher, i could purchase groceries.. okla rezeki =)

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  1. Selamat berpuasa dan beramal ibadah di Ramadhan yg mulia :=)