Monday, August 17, 2009

Our 2nd anniversary.. *update with the pic*

-kek order from jeri ;yam-yammmm-
Just a little something that ran through my head as TODAY I am celebrating my 2nd ANNIVERSARY..

I have been thinking that if i accepted his invitation which so-called a dating somewhere in 2004, then maybe now we could celebrate our 5th annivasary.. and Hanisah might have
a brother/sister at this moment.. ahakss!!!

btw, Alhamdulillah.. jodoh is jodoh.. early or late,there is of couse something being planned by Allah. semuanye ade hikmah.
after being alone for quite sometime in 2007, he came to my life, sent sms to his friend named Fatah, mistakenly sms to me. i replied and after that we keep 'balas2-sms'..
2 wks after that on 6th of march (his befday and i figure it out thru friendster), we went out for late dinner. at that night i encountered that we both have a very good communication.
mcm serasi la,,hehehe... then few days later we went for a movie..and then he revealed that the 'mistake' that he made by sms his peer "Fatah" but ter-sms me was indeed his trick to tackle me..huhuhu saboo jelaa..

pepon syukur sgt2.. maybe this what we call as jodoh & fate. when we meet somebody who is well-planned by Allah to us, then smue jadik smooth. we declared in March, then engaged in May.. 3 months after that with well preparation, kami sah as hsband & wife.. :) all happen in 1 yr!!

*If only everybody's love story would be that simple and easy.. hmm...

Last yr on our 1st annivasary, i was in confinement. so no makan2 & no outin.
i really wish to have it on our 2nd which is TODAY, but entahla.. ade sdikit poblem..huhuhu. :(
pepon i hv ordered yam cake from
Jeri. yam yam yammmm..

x kisahla.. apepon smoga jodoh kami sbgai suami istri kekal hingga ke akhir hayat.
dan yg penting..Azran & i are indeed happily married .. with child of course- our little charming Hanisah as pngikat kasih syg .muahhzz!!

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