Friday, July 17, 2009

4 in 1

Yg ni pulak FMs that i ordered from Mursyid.
atceli ade 4, tp yg beli kat dubai t'jatuh & pecah. sob..sob.... =( ..that's why i prefer FM made of rubber rather than seramik.

but then kak yati (my sil) went to singapore and x sngka she bought 1 fm for me..waa sukenyee... the fm contains the ingrediant to make a Singapore Chilli Crab. =)

btw,,i hv been waiting for rubber FM from London & Melbourne,, biler nk smpai nih,,huhuhu..
hepy viewing peeps!!

Collection # : 32,33,34,35
Who : Mursyid
When : June 2009
Where : Finland 1, Norway 2 and Dubai 1 (x smpat snap photo dh pecah)

Collection # : 36
Who : Kak Yati
When : July 2009
Where : Singapore malii

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