Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Emergency lv

Today i take 1 day EL,cos hanisah kurg sihat..ksian she got fever and flu.
ysterday during lunch, i dropped by at kak ida's house.. noticed all the 7 kids ( 7!!) having fever and flu, including hanisah..
then ptg tu mase pick her up,i could see that she was not hingus yg meleleh2..kesian..
that's was why i decided to take EL..
eventhough i have no more annnual lv (smue dh habis pakai mase p trip indon) but for my own baby,xpela..tolak gaji pun tolakla,,huhuhu...
btw today Alhamdulillah hanisah is getting better. tadi bdn pon dh suam,x panas dah..
flu pon dah kering compared 1 day before..
and around 1am, guess what,, she sit on the bed and suddenly stand up on her own..
haha..msti tgh ciwi nak b'diri and insyaallah x lame lg dah buleh jalan.. :) btw her same day age cousin Hasyireen already could walk bout las mnth ago,huhu..

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