Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's so-called a pre-bash..

Atceli xplan pon. On d evening, i went home earlier from office, pick hanisah up from babysitter's house, then we ronda2.
around 730pm, i was driving towards secret recipe..cos ingt nk b'buke pose sane. then suddenly hubby call, and die pon nk join dinner kt SR. so kenala u-turn to pick up hubby at his workplace..
since it is on hanisah'befday,,so it's kind of pre-bash of her befday celebration.lgipon papa hanisah joins us..tu yg syokkk!!!

Hanisah & papa; uiks sape minah sbelah hanisah tu,,huhuhuh

3 of us!!

yg lg syok, on that night, we could see hanisah eat by herself.. bagi je fries,kropok..she eats..,on her own... =)

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