Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hepy B'day Fissa & Diha

Hepy 11th B'day to my dear Fissa (18th July) & Hepy 9th B'day to my dear Diha (20th July)..
Both of them are daughters of my eldest brother, Prof Dr.Suhaimi in Jay Bee.. ingat lagi mase dieorg ni lahir, Cik Ah ni la yg duk tolg2 jage ( time tu tgh study kat UTM skudai),huhu..

Even we are far away, but it doesn't mean Che Ah can't contribute something for u b'day girls..
so what i did, i ordered choc moist cake from Ina (muffindumie) + delivery charge to abg mi's fmily. the cake is also as some sort of motivate stuff to Erin (eldest daughter of abg mi) who is going to face UPSR on this coming Sept.
Talking bout Erin, I'm really impressed with her achievement. she was not very good in academic, but suprisingly, she managed to get 5As' in her semester exam in last May, and siap dpt lompat kelas from B to kelas A. And the latest news, for the exam ticket to boarding school recently, she got 3As' so far (lg 2 papers blom tau result).
Alhamdulillah.. love u all so muchhh!!!
Hepi viewing d pics... (pics sent by abg mi just now to me)

Anak2 dare Dr. Suhaimi... Erin (blue), Fissa ( oren) & Diha (pink)

Fissa & Diha are sharing cut d' cake


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