Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creative Blogger Award

Am i creative & eiligible for this such award???? x kisahla,yg pnting dah dpt..yeyeyeye!!!
it's my 2nd award. no tag attach with tis okela...hahaksss...

btw thanks to my fren Azie for tis award..muahzz!!
now to giv tis award to my frens,,and those creative ones??

hmm... well basically for me,everyone has their own idea or creativities in order to present how & what they are, esp in blogging for me creative is such a subjective thing..

pepon,,i wanna giv this creative award to dik yam, watie aziz, maria & UmmiNor .
kindly pls take the award, okesss :)))
dan of cos for those yg sudi menjenguk blog sy..pon leh ambik award ni :)))
anda dialu2kan ke blog sy..sometime i do notice that the number of visitors is tremendously's normal that we do blog-walking job..dun treat people who do blog walking or be silent reader to our blog as 'xde keje' or 'penyibuk'atau any harsh word..haikk..
in this case i really respect 1 of my fren blogger, mummy of genius Rania Qarissa Rizal & Rania Quzayra Rizal.. i can see she's so nice & really respect her readers..
simple as kacang ,dun enter and provoke..
till then..muahz
p/s: las time i found 1 blog thru nuffnang..the fellow story that she date & bonceng with her ex boyfren and bla3.. i was thinking of giving comment to her blog,,but then i notice the words that she describe about herself in her harsh & sarcastic.. so cancella..ignore such fellow is the best deed,hehe..

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