Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 hour with Mira..

Mira my ex-opismate who now known as cikgu murni came to kulim for some bisnes.. and she dropped by to see me.. we met up somewhere for tea break,, for almost 1 hr..
So good to see her.. she's slimmer noww.. even slimmerr than me..yeahhhh!! imprvement given by London weight management.. hehe...oh ya,, she wasn't coming alone to kulim.. ehem2 pun ade :)

oh ya,, hope not too late to wish 'hepy teacher's day' to both of them.. due2 cikgu katekan :))
-such a nice guy for mira..-

-cikgu murni malu2-

hope we can plan to meet up again 1 day.. together with rina..Insyaallah..winduuu la kat korang 2..huhuu..

-Our good oldday @ chicken rice shop!!-

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