Saturday, May 22, 2010


quite tough to plan the game and all the stuffs for this explorace.. but lucky that amir & i had managed few events before & gone through this kind of thing at our previous company..last time tooo many things we failed mase organize treasure hunt until all became kelam kabut during the event.. 1 thing i nvr forget is,, we put ssurat khabar lame somewhere dkt tong sampah..and all teams need to get it.. tp kan lori smpah angkut smue all the old new papers..mmg haruuu sgt,heheee... so for this time, we really be careful to make sure all run smooth & well..lgpun 14 teams join and the place is just somewhere around the office & parking lot, so we need to plan so that 14 teams wont come to same place at 1 time..

-brainstorming session with the teams... i really enjoy every single minutes of the meeting.. sronokk keje ngn depa2 nih-

-as usual mages with her herbal life container..hahakss..-

quite exhausted bcos for few nights i hv to prepare for the game clue & instructions etc at home..and the rest like amir,dila etc smpai kul 1am duk prepare kt opis.. caiyok2..

apepon mmg sronokla esp when we can see the environment at office suddenly became havoc. all teams bz to prepare for the flag, with lotta style & fashion.. kire smue best & sportingg!!

-during the event.. our station 'stripes of glory' aka 'jalur gemilang' with the game 'Fireball Hunterlaar'..oh yaaa Alhamdulillah the weather was just nice...x panas terik and paling pnting x hujan..

btw thanks a lot for my assistants dila,wanie & suria. :)

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