Sunday, May 9, 2010

Suprise befday for KK

A belated entry :p

Basically my opismates made a plan to celebrate KK's befday..but they faced some technical problem. KK 's befday was on 29th april, but due to overexcited kot,hehe.. hajar mistakenly told the rest that KK's befday was on consider advance befday la nih..

pepon celebration was nice & cool.. mcm raye pon ade,,cos kak nur,hajar & zul siap bawak ketupat,nasik himpit and rendang ayam.. eat till full!! mmg sempoiii..

-welcoming KK to 3 series,hehe..-

-preparing the foods... ttibe terkenang rendang ibu mertuaku yg sgt sodappp.. :)
pnjang umur this ry dptla rase,cos turn raye penang-

-with hajar yg sempoi..
ish ishhh me with my oily face :(-


  1. sedapnyer kek ituew....faz azie datang nie...

  2. mai-mai :)
    mmg sedap..tokeh pon kt kulim je..