Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Sebagai manusia, kita sayang padamu'

Yeahhh,, i'm damn crazy bout Sunan,,hahaksss..
just finished Ramlee Awang's latest novel Cinta Sufi which is the the 4th sequel of the 1st book Bagaikan Puteri.. after finished this book, i do think that the author may continue the journey of Sunan again.. and i'm really hope that Ramlee will create back the character of haryiani,, the original character from the 1st series...huhuuu..

last time i bought this book from my fren Aida. but tis time wanna buy on
my own & re-read this 1st book :)

-btw, ni keris Nanggroe.. sesape yg bace citer Sunan should familiar with it-

waiting for Ramlee's next book.. Rayyan Fantasi.. :)

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