Friday, April 16, 2010

My 1 yr & 9 mths little girl

Tis is Khalisa Damia..just turned 2 months.. comei & bulat,,fotostat her abah,hehe..

Khalisa : Today my mom is soooo ciwi. she bought me this stroller and cant wait to put me in it.. and i like to sit in this new stuff..i like oke...!!

ade 2 penyibuk nak tolak stroller Khalisa..hahakss...

well, hanisah is oledy 1 yr & 9 mths...another couple of months to turn to time flies...
now makin bijak..everytime when i wanna make milk for her..the time i count the spoon of the milk 1, then she will continue two,three (three pronoun like Tee)..kalu mood baik, she will continue till 4.. same goes to A,B,C..
now she can make 2 ayat like 'mai sini', 'jatuh ni'.. and the best part is,, if anything fall or if she spill any lubricant, then she would say "Allah..".. ishh mcm org tue laa,,huhuuu..

sometime i did lose my temper to this kid.. but pepon tetap syg kat anak ummi nih..
this afternon i brought her to KHTP to settle some bisnes.. then just after went out from the bank, she ran from me and got inside the booth.. i was quite late to stop her from turning into the booth..then suddenly the sound of her footsteps gone.. bout few mins i lost her..seriesly mmg paniccc sgt... dah b'debar2 dah. then i asked 1 salesgirl who was sitting with 1 chinese lady "ade x nmpak budak kt sini".. she replied nope.. lagila panic.. nasib bek both of them helped me looking for her.. and skali akak tu yell "ni tgh sembunyi kat sini".. sabo jelaaaa... rupe2nye she was hiding somewhere under the cloths.. she was hiding from me okes..sabo jeklaaa..

-her leisure time-

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