Thursday, April 1, 2010

Al-fatihah to them..

Smlam rs sedih sgt, cos my neighbor's brother passed away due to motor accident.. wpon sy x kenai & even never meet allaharyam,, tetap rs sedih..sbb beliau dgr2 nak berubah..nk berusaha carik rzeki tolg fmily.
sbelom ni adela few keaiban yg dibuat dan dicalit kt family. tp recently he wanted to change..
as the first step, die intend nak jual pisang goreng.. bangsal pon dh siap bina,tnggu nak jalan bisnes jek..
tengok2 ajal dah menjemput..Innalillah...
Alfatihah utk beliau.,

juge Alfatihah for Din beramboi.. i 'm gonna miss his jokes @ ERA..

i love 1 sentense which i heard at Astro oasis.. "hey orang mude, jgn sangka kamu mati tua.."

reminds me to handful of my frens who no longer in this world.. when i was in form 4, adela sorg member sebelah bilik got inside my room to meet my roomate.. i just had a glance to her face and after that i went out from room.. that time she was preparing to the lata tembakah trip. and know what, that was the last time i saw & meet her. allayarhamah Yati meninggal mati lemas kat lata tembakah..
sbelom die meninggal, bnyak kali die duk citer psl sakaratul maut,mungkar nakir etc.. but since she was one of AJK masjid, so we were thinking that that was normal for such people yg biase bagi usrah..

1 more fren yg sgt kuat dlm ingatan until now,, Allaharyam Azlina.. we were not really close but normally if i met her msti tegur.. the last time met her was the time ambik spm result.. after that i heard that she involved in car accident with her boyfren. and in news had mentioned that,, die t'kluar dr krete then krete hempap die..

Alfatihah to them..
mase kite entah bile pulak,,hmm...
pepon setiap bende yg hidup pasti akan menempuh kematian..that is certain..

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