Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parcel from cik ja

I took EL on last thursday bcos hanisah was having fever, cough, flu..nasib bek x terok sgt but i decided to take on leave to tk care of her rather than just pass & rely on babysitter when she's sick....

btw around 11am, when we both at home, heard hon-hon from somebody's motorbike.. and that guy is from Skynet.. :)

Look what the Skynet folk brought for me!! and guess whose hand is that??,hehe

-hanisah was thinking that the parcel belongs to her.. but she was partially correct.. bcos cik ja gave her sovenirs from perhentian island..

Well, the package was posted from my sis atcually who stayed in Trganu..
she used to travel and she knows pretty well bout my hobby in collecting FMs..
She had bought me the fms when she went for holiday trip in vietnam & perhentian island..also she passed me the one who she got from her fren,, fm brunei tu.. i like all!!!

Sukee sgt. Thank you so much sis..Jasamu ku kenang! ahakssss!!

-close up.. i really like the tut-tut from Thailand & also the brunei(1st time dpt dr brunei)

Collection # : 63-70
Who : cik ja
Where : Brunei 1, Thailand 1,Vietnam 3 & prhentian island 3
psst, hv been waiting for fm from sazrul. he went to shanghai for bisnes trip.. ;p


  1. nak satu bleh? aaaah jeles jeles :P

  2. huhuhuhuhu...
    kita jeles yang amat sangat ni faz

    mmg menarik ur FM

  3. hehe maria,,, tenkiu2... ;p