Saturday, April 17, 2010

Petang @ Kecemasan

It was totally my mistake and i admit it.. i just let hanisah play at the edge of the bed and then i went to hav a nap.. and suddenly she fell down from the bed.. mcm nak gugur jantung when i saw her lay down on the floor with a 'bang' sound.. aduhhhh...

atceli tis is not her 1st time fell from the bed..dulu2 ok jek. but tis time her left hand has been shaking for long time till she slept.. then when she woke up, same thing happen.. so no choice i hv to bring her to the clinic on my own (hubby xde umah ptg tu). but then the doctor said need to go to kecemasan to do x-ray..huhuhuu

so there we went to kecemasan..on the way to kecemasan hubby called me and i told him that doctor advised me to bring hanisah to kecemasan for x-ray.. nasib bek hubby just finished her bisnes outside so he went to hospital separately to accompany me..

btw, we dun really like the indian doctor who entertained us..okla our mistake bcos this is our 1st we were not sure which pintu to go thru.when the announcer said pintu hijau,we just went in to the 1st pintu hijau we saw.. we were wrong but it doesnt mean that the doctor can simply use sarsactic words to us.. sorry to say but we are not really familiar with gomeng hospital.. i delivered my baby at private and hanisah's monthly check up & injection hv been done at private as well.. the private doc who entertained us were sooo nice.. we paid oke.. but as i said, doesnt mean that particular doctor can just simple be sarcastic... hmmm... anyhow i jus dun think 'krane nila stitik rosak susu belanga'.. bcos i satisfied with others. the emergency personnels, the person who in charge for hanisah's x-ray and 2 young female doctors entertained us so nicely & profesionally.. tenkiu for that!!!

oh yaa,,during x-ray hubby wasnt there bcos he went to surau for prayer...i was expecting hanisah would be sooo creepy but i was wong.. die mcm sronok jek mase kene x-ray. i think mybe bcos she was so curious with those unfamiliar stuffs,,hehee...

pepon, Alhamdulilah the x-ray result shows no such severe things happen.. no crack & no broken.. just t'kehel and it takes time to back to normal..
sy anggap ini adalah dugaan drpNya... Subhanaallah..

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