Saturday, April 3, 2010

And the award goes to...

Goes to me okesss!!

thanks to Ummi Nor for such 'beautiful' award..muah muahh..

it's my 1st time get this kind of award.. atceli i dun really bother bout tis such thing..,but bile dpt mcm bestla plakk :)

so rules bagi penerima award :

1. Thank and link the person that give you this award2. Done

2. State 7 things about yourself

1) i'm a simple person..and really ruled by my mood.

and 1 more thing is i'm kind of person yg sometime somehow holding grudge with certain people.. hmm when talking bout grudge, las time i do hv grudge with somebody who provoked and put a very untrue story bout me..pompang-pompang bnyak sgt.. opss fullstop.malas nk ungkit. in fact i try to be a person who's not holding grudge and just redha with what happen.enough is enough!! thx for frens yg support me..
lagipun as the time goes by,Alhamdulillah skrg i hv been improving..

2) Do i look snobbish?? hmm i think people who dun know me would say that i'm sombong.this has been admitted by my neighbors as well.. tp bila dah kenal no pblem. the thing is, i dun like to be 'mesra alam' at the 1st place..ahaksss but btw don't judge a book by its cover okesss..

3) Certain things i go to branded things such as bag, jeans,watch & wallet. but most of things esp like my cloths, i dun bother bout branded or unbranded one. baju siam pun sy belasahh jekk..

4) I love Vios. tringin nak beli but end up i use Satria & hv been driving it for almost 8 yrs oledy.. but kalu ade rzeki lebih nak beli 4 wheel drivelaaa. mcm best jek drive sbb tinggi & besar. but the pblem is i'm not really master in parking the car ~sigh~

5) there are still few thing in my mind that i wish i could do.. x surela ade anak kecik & family susah skit la nk commit.. tringin nak travel few places cos i love travel..i wish 1 day will daki gunong kinabalu,, tringin ambik kelas renang, tringin join kelas cupcakes and las but not least, i really wish to further study either in psikologi or english TESL. i love english and wanna improve my english..

6) Hubby said he wants 6 kids and kalu lebih lg baguss.., but i want 4.. Insyaallah kalu ade rzeki,target nak peknen by tis year.kalu dpt boy lg best,,bg sepasang.. :)

7) las bout me, i wish 1 day i will resign from my current work and be a house wife.. atceli not really fully house wife.. i wish to help my hubby in his bisnes..Insyaallah..but of cos not now..expecting mybe another next-next yr.. ;p kalu ingat, syg nak resign cos i feel comfortable with my work, my salary, my opismates, and few activities that i involve and really enjoy so muchh!! pepon family comes first..huhuuu

Last rules, kena bagi award ni pada 15 org blogger yg lain, ...hmm,, cam malas nak kasik kat sesape aci x..but the rule is rule,,ahaksss..

i wanna giv to blog yg i frequent visit. but tis is not cumpolsory okess. if u free u do it. no harm :D

Aida: Eyedalicious
Azie ; azie dh dpt ke tis tag before?
Faridah ; mabuk2 lagi keeee...

Maria ; but u also that dpt tis tag,rite..

who else.. sape2 jelaaaa..teeheee


  1. heheeee..... toche2.... xmabuk doh.... tp skrng ni tgh mabuk br balik dr jln2 cambridge..... huhu.... nnt org amik yew.... penak xabes lg da...

  2. Thanks ye Kak Farah. Dah sebut nama kak Farah dah dalam ucapan.hehe

  3. hi faridah,,baru nk put a note @ ur shoutbox,tp dah notice ekk...
    take care..ishh tringin la nk mnambah jgk :P

  4. heheheheh...

    thanks alot!!


  5. alamak belum lagi...tq faz..nnt azie buat