Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mee udang

hubby, mami, adik,hanisah & i having our mee udang as lunch, at restaurant.. somewhere in penang..our 1st intention was to go to Salwa's rstaurant,,but since close no choice we went to next shop..

not bad.. kire b'baloi la 1 pinggan rm15 (big prawn).. cume 1 je yg x best,, at that time, there was some kind of 'jalan2 carik makan' versi chinese by TV8. so can u imagine while eating & drinking, of cos we cant help to make sound 'slurrrpp'. then 1 chinese guy came and show finger at his mouth..suruh diam la.. he asked in polite kire okla... but for me,, tokeh kedai pon sengal. kalu nk buat shooting xnak ade gangguan, then dont allow customer from entering air-cond room.. ni x, we were allowed to sit in aircond room, and yet bile time makan, kena makan senyap2.. nsib bekla mamat cine tu polite,huhuhuuu...

-sedapp.. cume x cukup ;0-

-mami & adik-

-hubby seriesss-

-sempat gak snap 1 photo,cam poyo je depa nih wat shooting,,hikhikk-

p/s: why me & hanisah not in photo..?? huhuuu..