Monday, January 11, 2010

3 days & 2 nights: Besut terengganu

-Banjaran titiwangsa.. on da way-

we drove back to my hometown Terengganu on the new year eve.
on da way around 12am we were waiting for the eclipce moon (as mentioned in news) but we didnt see any sgnificant different..
mybe kami je yg x prasan kot..huhuuu..

btw have spent 3 days & 2 nights here...
no big activity.. just lepak2 je..
yg pnting dpt jmpe my dad (just back from Mekah with my 2 siblings & 3 in laws)..
Alhamdulillah die sihat..
cume my 2nd brother got a very serious fever (pnemonia).

on the last day in besut , my cousins mai melawat..
sgtla enjoy chit-chat with kak linda my cousin's wife.. kire cousin ku jugaklaa...
according to her, she got 6 kids within 9 yrs.. after studied @ Indiana university,america.. she got married and
hv a baby soon.. so x sempat keje...
now eventhough the husband have 2 stesen minyak in shah alam..
but she wanted to do something in order to mix around & communicate with people around.. so die jual a frozen curry puff..
saje jual utk suke2.. (hope can taste her curry puff 1 day).. ;)

-on 3rd day, ayah buat makan2 for his staffs-

-hanisah & sulim-

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