Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend @ Park royal

Saturday 30th Jan 2010.

We celebrated mami's befday at park royal.. sronok sgt having this celebration,family gathering & makan2..

abah & the rest check in for 3days & 2nites while me,hubby,hanisah & adik just 1nite stay there. we went there from kulim on saturday morning.. nsib bek x jam,,cos clash with thaipusam celebration...

-Enjoy my brekfast meal-

-since depart from kulim very early morning(nak elak jam),
so hanisah p brekfast without taking a shower,huhu-

-mommy & dotter-

-seriesly love tis pic. and in fact after snapping tis picture, 1 minah salleh came to us and asked to snap our family pic as for her own collection :))-

-bapak mithali-

-hanisah's 1st time @ swimming pool.. sgtla jakun.

tis time opah persuates hanisah to jump into the pool..ngeee...-

1st time berendam.. sronok sgt smpai x nak naik-

-we have pizza as our late lunch. mkn dlm bilik ramai2..

atceli b4 that, adik asked me to choose 1 sunglass at
Gurney Plaza as befday present for mami-

-tadaaaaa...mami with her befday present.. it's a MJ sunglass..
that's my choice okesss...
mcm jeles la plak mami dpt MJ..latest design pulak tu..
i really hv been dreamingg to get 1!!-

-pinjam sattt..nk posing ngan spek baru,hehe-

-evening activity.. 1st time tgok abah playing pingpong..
he's indeed a good player!!-

-mami with her new gadget ;p-

-candid this bride-

-tis time she's tired after berendam in pool.. mngamuk ngantok.
and the worst thing was, i didnt prepare for her milk.. what laaa ummi-

-dinner at Sri bayu.. just walking distance from the hotel..
see her face.. dah x tahan ngantok,ahakss-

-everybody laughs tgok hanisah's sleepy face-

Sunday 31st Jan 2010.

-After taking breakfast, bring hanisah to the pool.
this time she's wearing her new swimming suit ;p-

-my reluctant model-

-packin time.. tis time i told her.. everytime when people want to snap ur pic, show ur pic like tis & say peace..

and seriously indeed, she has tried her best to make a peace.. siap ckp 'pis' lagi..
what a clever girl..she's really an observant kid!!-

-peace with Acu-

-peace with papa-

-time to go home...

seriesly i love this holiday with family..
hopefully next time gonna have tis kind of holiday again with them..PEACE!!-

oh yaa,,not to forget my FM collection. grab from Night market..

# 52 & 53
Where: Night market Batu feringgi
Who: Faz
Where: Jan 2010


  1. cutenyee ank mau cubit2 pipi dia..awww ;p

  2. besh nya!!!
    and i like that FM too!

  3. hehe :))

    maria, dh ade FM from penang?
    kalu xde,, leh sy carikann.