Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vitamin shaklee

I was taking for granted to take vitamins daily.. but now, since umur yg makin 'btambah' so peel lame kenala ubah... nowadays i keep remind myself to hv at least 1 pil of every multi vitamin, vit-c, b-complex & calcium magnesium..

why vit c..bcos 1 of function is anti oksidan..since sy ni malas mkn buah,,so pil vit c sgtla perlu.. and for this brand, 1 pil of vit c consist 7 oranges..

why multi vitamin? bcos makanan yg kite mkn hari2 (like nasi& lauk pauk) still x cukup utk cover all the vitamins & mineral which needed by our body.

why calcium mag? sbb utama cos sy malas minum susu..hehehe... and cal cium mag is soo imporrtant esp for woman.. paham2la,, kite kan kaum ibu,huhuu..

last but not least.. why SHAKLEE?? maybe there are few more good & better products in market,,but i am pretty sure that shaklee is one of them..

for those yg x biase mkn vit, let me tell u something.. shaklee has no 'plastic putih kecik' inside the bottle.. the function of that is to prevent fungus (cos normally ubat or vitamin ade pewarne/pengawet). shaklee doesnt need anti fungus cos the product itself is so pure & clean..

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