Wednesday, January 20, 2010

9 Nyawa- RAM

Just finished reading this book last monday..i bought tis book somewhere in dec, and just started reading it during last weekend... punyelaaa lame wat pekasam..!!
as usual, RAM's book never disappoint me as one of his loyal readers..
but since i used to read all of his books before... so for this novel, few things that i could hv predicted during reading is real happen.. cth like i guess the character khairil is a bad guy,,carl & khairil is the very same person,, then donate jantung by arwah adik hakim & etc..
pepon can't wait for his next novel.. CINTA SUFI... cume yg x bestnye,, he will not add haryani's character in this novel.. alaaaa frustnye Sunan x jadik kawin ngan Haryani,huhuhu...!!!


  1. RAM....?

    my favourite novelist Damya and Shamsiah Moh Nor
    jiwang kan..

  2. damya best ke? penah bli dulu 1 novel die.. try norhayati berahim,,lg best..
    pepon RAM is no.1.. trylaaa bace buku die.. leh tangkap cintann tauu..;p