Thursday, January 28, 2010

Princess Sultana

Hubby has been borrowing this book from his brother since july/aug las yr..
but i'm pretty sure that he's never ever go to page 1..haha..
he really make it as pekasam.

i hv a glance to tis book and like eager to know better bout tis princess...Princess Sultana from Saudi Arabia.. what a nice name..!! thinking of saudi arabia and what all of us see & think??terrorists spreading fear? religious zealots? a corrupt government ? what else.. it's a fabulously wealthy royal family living lives of unbelievable luxury...

hope can feel free my time to read this book..
btw i hv bn looking for 'The lovely bones' by Alice sebold..

i wish to read her book prior watching the movie..!!


  1. rajinnya faz baca strory book
    kita rite now..rajin gak..but book for my ecah

  2. hi maria..lame mghilang..duk tunggu gak..

    xla rajin sgt mmbace..dulu lg rjin..skrg ade anak very limited time..