Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abah's birthday bash *belated post*

seriesly forgot to post entry of abah's befday..huhu (dah makin nyanyuk)..
on 5h January las week, hubby called me and said that day is abah's befday.. so since it's a las min, so i took EL for the 1st half day..
hubby, me & of cos our princess hanisah went to sunway carnival... wanted to get something for abah.. there brother-inlah hv already waited for us.. and finally, we got something.. :)
btw,mami cooked nasik lemak & spagethi daging and kak yati bought a befday cake. it's choc stawberry (new flavor from secret recipe).. the taste is ok but i prefer choclate indulgence rather than choc stawberry..
To abah,, hepi 65th befday.. smoga panjang umur serte sihat tubuh badan..
dan smoga makin murah rzeki.. Amin...
-my hanisah at sunway carnivall..-sgtla sronok dpt kuar jalan2..
kalu x time ni die semestinye die kat umah babysitter.--

-choclate stawberry cake, yummyyy!!-

-before atok potong kek,sempat lagi isap susu-

-our abah & mami-

-mikal, adik & kak yati-

-kak yati & abg yandi-

-tgh mentry new jacket.. nsib bek the jacket suits abah well..
and the most important part is, abah luv the befday present..:)-

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