Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tea talk with Adib

Tea talk is a session where we have a tea with a slice & free of secret recipe cake (yummyyy) with our director Adib Kheraidine (betui ke eja??).. the advantage of having tis session is that we hv the opportunity to talk or ask him about something/anything..

well, i did ask him, incase management could eliminate nite shift since any work coming around 2am still can be completed by morning/swing shift folks. but according to him, we are we have to hv our people back up at nite shift..huhuhuuu.. so mentenla aku keje malam!!!

atceli i dun mind working at nite shift.. i hv babysitter who can take care of my hanisah when i work at nite shift.. but nite shift now sooo sunyi.. xmcm dulu2 je.. nowadays only 3 persons.. so imagine kalu 2 of them do not turn up. so tpaksela den ambik EL,, huaaaa...

-Adib.. from Lebanon..sape mau kenalan? hehe (ingt dulu 1 fren of mine minat kat adib,,siap tnye sy kalu2 leh chatting ngan adib-

-my opismates-

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